Strings Of Atlas – “How Far We’ve Come” captures the high octane and raw energy of a live set!

Strings Of Atlas – “How Far We’ve Come” captures the high octane and raw energy of a live set!

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Strings Of Atlas is an American music project, started in 2006 and consisting mainly of multi-instrumentalist and producer Atlas Cage. Cage has been joined by such great musicians as Ed Chavez (Bassplayer for Archetyped/Phoenix Recoil), Albert Diaz, Jake Stuble and more.  The band defines their music as hard rock with a bit of psych punk rock and blues. Influences include Clutch, Monster Magnet, Audioslave and Royal Blood.

Over the course of the last few years, the world seems to have rediscovered their interest in rock by heralding a number of up and coming champions of nostalgic tones that are beginning to usher in a new age of rock n’ roll. Strings Of Atlas are definitely on that essential list.

Opening with a moody tone before swinging into full throttle, the single “How Far We’ve Come, sets the stage for the upcoming EP of the same name, by Strings Of Atlas. This is a cutting, relentless and raw banger that smoothens out a razor edge with catchy songwriting.

Strings Of Atlas more than prove their worth as an incredibly strong rock band with their latest release. A hard rocker that is both parts classic rock, as it is ultra-modern, as best captured between the contrasting vibes of the relentless verse and the melodic chorus.

What is most impressive is that Strings Of Atlas has delivered a track that captures the high octane and raw energy of a live set and has channeled that vibe straight into the veins of a hard-hitting studio recording. Simply put, Strings Of Atlas are one of the most exciting bands I’ve heard in years.

It’s clear Atlas Cage and crew properly laid the groundwork for tone, feel, and groove with heavy guitars, cutting edge production and absolutely punishing drums. The band’s approach is in your face and sounds like these guys have all been around the block a few times over.

A sound with this kind of authority is a rarity in today’s underground music business and all eyes should be on this group in the near future. From the killer “live off the floor” type of performance, to the ear shredding guitar work and fierce slow-burning rhythm, this tune truly personifies the band as a sonic unit.

The track is loaded with dark chord changes and a captivating set of lyrics. “How Far We’ve Come” delivers a sinister swing with haunting vocals surrounded by sludgy guitars that perfectly tie the track together.

Strings Of Atlas take the audience on a bit of a grungy acid trip, just staying this side of sonic anarchy, with endless layers of guitar, and some serious crescendos. Beyond the timbre and delicious grit of Atlas Cage’s vocals, on the track, I find the music extends beyond the sum of its parts, and damn, do they rock the hell out of it.

I listened to a couple more tracks from the upcoming project, and can confirm beyond doubt that Strings Of Atlas is one of those bands whose energy translates to their recordings, as you can hear their thundering power on virtually every song. They have the ability to explore beyond overdriven chord progressions into rocking riffs without losing any momentum at all.



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