Stuntboi Nard – “Save Da Trap” – banging beats, a fire flows!

Stuntboi Nard – “Save Da Trap” – banging beats, a fire flows!

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“Save Da Trap”, the upcoming mixtape from Stuntboi Nard is ideal for an end-of-the-summer party that goes off the rails. Featuring back-to-back bangers, this promises to be an invigorating, crowd-pleasing affair. “Stand On Business” is maximalist, bombastic trap cut that comes off the project with a sense of controlled chaos. Stuntboi Nard shows he can do it all — he goes from annunciating every punchline to picking up the pace and essentially carrying the energy to boiling point. This banger is meant to solidify the rapper’s swaggering status, and succeeds as every line is capped off with an epic snarl.

There are flashes of openness, honesty and personality throughout this track. The Stuntboi Nard formula of skittering hi-hats and booming basses, mixed with high energy vocals and chant-along ad libs remains undefeated. This gives the project a triumphant tone with a little bit of that hardcore grit woven throughout.

“Stand On Business” is yet another noticeable notch in his growing catalog that might just make his fellow rappers and trappers, understand it’s time to really start putting in work. Stuntboi Nard’s granite voice and formidable flow drives a record with a focused vision. Unlike his contemporaries, Stuntboi Nard drops the pretense and concentrates on a banging beat, and a fire flow.

Stuntboi Nard seems to completely craft his formula to perfection as each song he releases is an adrenaline pumping banger. His latest, “Trap Goat”, sees the rapper spinning a hard-edged story through a hypnotic haze of thick, psychedelic fuzz. Beneath Stuntboi Nard brash delivery, the minimalist keyboard-lines snake with a sense of slow-gathering menace.

There is a lot of context in “Trap Goat”, but Stuntboi Nard rarely makes things sound complicated. It’s one of the things that makes him great. While the song is in the style of countless new wave productions, it doesn’t feel formulaic, but rather fresh and vital. Really, there’s an instant appeal about most of the music by Stuntboi Nard, with his breezy energy that’s especially effective.

Another side of Stuntboi Nard’s artistry comes out with his storytelling tendencies. There’s a riveting sense of urgency throughout his tracks, regardless of the tempo and tone.  Unsurprisingly, that’s most obvious on “Trap Goat”, but generally speaking there’s an edginess that sinks in between the shimmering sounds – chiseled lines, punchy hooks that work whether barked or murmured.

With his upcoming mixtape, “Save Da Trap”, Stuntboi Nard is getting ready to emerge into the general consciousness riding the snapping drums and hi-hats, while blending harrowing street tales with a trap sensibility and ear for a hook.

At his best, Stuntboi Nard’s flow and energy is enough to drive records, as he threads a very stubborn needle, attempting to give his career a commercial jolt without mortgaging his identity or credibility. For the most part, his music is pure audio intoxication.

You can find Stuntboi Nard on Instagram @stuntboinard and Twitter @stuntboinard. Check his videos on YouTube.

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