T Capo – ‘Londono Lietuvis’ is ready to snatch the souls of listeners

T Capo – ‘Londono Lietuvis’ is ready to snatch the souls of listeners

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T Capo is an artist, singer, and songwriter originating from Daugai, Lithuania, and now based in London, England. Starting at the age of twelve, T Capo has developed and rebranded his style and sound to what it is today. He seeks to create music that will inspire people around the world, and has just released his 6 track EP, entitled ‘Londono Lietuvis’. He sets the bar high on this recording. One can’t help but fall in love with the beginning of this album, “Intro” (Arrival). On the track, T Capo begins like an artist who knows he’s about to snatch the souls of listeners with his lyrics, as he describes a life changing voyage into a new country without his parents as a child.

While most rappers aim to draw attention to themselves, T Capo opts to focus on the message and the audience who needs to hear this story most. It’s a heartfelt performance from T Capo which will resonate with a lot of people. The artist’s descriptive storytelling will keep listeners glued to the speakers. One can also predict his smooth delivery from the foundation the beat lays for his bars on “Intro” (Arrival).

‘Londono Lietuvis’ is a declaration of authenticity and a dedication to delivering verisimilitude, engorged with energetic raps and brimming with deep observations. It’s T Capo at his most bare and his most relatable, finally enabling us to understand the full spectrum of who he is. His projects have all had strong links to concepts, exploring anger, healing, thoughtfulness, hope and desire. “I Don’t Need You” is a self-empowering anthem.

 “I don’t need you. No, I don’t need you. Only need me in this life, and it’s true,” sings T Capo, emphasizing how we need to depend on ourselves to achieve our goals in life, as everybody else is always trying to bring you down. It’s beautiful, pressing, and indicative of a man looking to get more out of the world than what was initially offered to him. T Capo’s ability to make the audience empathize with his struggles has never been more captivating. His flow bites with menace brewing just beneath the surface of every word.

The atmosphere lightens up on “Only Fan” ft. Rayane Aznag, which brings a mellifluous groove. This is one of those elegant blends with silky supporting vocals that weave together the track’s disparate parts for a mesmerizing wave of melody.

Azbag is superb on the hook, while T Capo brings up the song’s desirous narrative. The EP is at its strongest when it goes full in on that mesmerizingly simple urbane aesthetic which comes forth on “Pack”. T Capo rides the beat with urgency, delivering the most authentic experience possible.

“I Could Be Gone” ft. Viktorija Faith pulls the listener in for a brief soulful interlude that trickles down into the ears with its wistful singing and T Capo’s resoundingly fresh delivery. As he continues to refine his ability to captivate without preaching. The song oozes ambience, while T Capo’s commitment to lyricism comes out in multilayered bursts of wordplay. Up to this point of the EP, the production has been carefully curated by Ayare Beats.

‘Londono Lietuvis’ closes down with the track, “Lithuanian Legend” ft. Kilo Tips, which was produced by Mir. T Capo’s melodic tone of voice combined with his gift for riding beats make for a very pleasing listen on this track which bounces forward on a throbbing beat.

All across this EP, T Capo is comfortable and focused, openly brandishing the lyrical weaponry he first hinted to, on his earlier works. ‘Londono Lietuvis’ shows the inner craft of a true artist.


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