Tes Swanks: “Heart Stringz” – keeps you chasing that high!

Tes Swanks: “Heart Stringz” – keeps you chasing that high!

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Toni Swanks otherwise known as Tes Swanks is an American R&B/Pop artist and model. She has been creating music since the early age of 6 when she began singing and playing piano. Then she started modeling at the age of 13, which has helped strengthen her stage presence while performing. She took the next step in her music career at the early age of 16 majoring in music at Collin County Community College. From there, her first EP release was released entitled ‘Who Am I’. The title track from this EP ended up on her first album release ‘Heart Stringz’.

tes-swanks-400Tes Swanks’ music is funky, fresh, innovative, cool and hot, hot, hot! Heart Stringz is a mixture of R&B, hip-hop, pop, electro and it all sounds great. Tes can sing in just about any style with a range that some people wish they could achieve. Her songs are pure ecstasy. She puts you in a state of no return. She keeps you chasing that high. I love that she has her own sound, and though you can hear the definite influences you can’t mistake her anyone else other than herself.

On first listen, I loved the songs on ‘Heart Stringz’, and then I had to play it again, starting from the beginning, and loved the album collectively. I didn’t need to skip a track, it flows beautifully. For me and I think many will agree, this is one of the best independent RnB-Pop albums we’ve had in a while hands down. So far my favorite tracks are…the whole album – If I have to choose though, it would be: “Under The Influence”, “Tonight Is The Night”, “Broken Heart”, “Throw It Up”, “Killer’s Kiss” and “Acid Rain”.

Tes Swanks is raw soul and a great voice with a banging body.  Her musicality is awesome. Not only can she sing and play piano, she also writes her own material. There is a mature content and a certain level of raunchiness in this album but it’s not gratuitous, it comes off as being an accurate account of the stories and emotions being portrayed. Tes puts her heart and soul into this album as she gives you sensual, loving and heartfelt emotions.

When you peel back the beauty and creativity, you’ll discover an artist, of old tradition. Her voice, her words, her melodies, her honesty, the production and most of all her passion will completely impress you.

R&B which is at the core of the Tes Swanks sound is in severe need of a new vibe, and this album exemplifies everything it can and should be. I believe that she has the ability to reach many different audiences.

In these times of fake vocals, superficial lyrics and not much to touch the soul of a listener, Tes Swanks is that breath of fresh air that lets you know real music is still alive and well.


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