The Californian Rap Group – TYME SEEKERS

The Californian Rap Group – TYME SEEKERS

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The group is made up of three different members, Robert Espino “Bob Logic”, Edward Madrid “Ed Dilla”, & Jay Lara. It is no surprise that Robert Espino evolved into “Bob Logic”, when at 5 years old he grabbed away the microphone while his father’s cumbia band was performing and tried to sing. Growing up with music in his blood, in 1999 “Bob Logic” started freestyling and performing at house parties/ open mic events. With his raspy but smooth, soulful lyrical style, he began writing and recording his music in 2001, collaborating with other artists in various hip-hop groups in addition to working as an independent artist. While performing at an event, “Bob Logic” met fellow hip-hop lyricist “Ed Dilla”.

Edward Madrid was walking home from a party his freshman year of high school, when a friend started to beat-box. Edward started to freestyle and instantly “Ed Dilla” was born. Over the next five years, “Ed Dilla” collaborated with other artists, performing at house parties and attending freestyle battles. In due time, “Ed Dilla” began writing and recording his lyrical style.

In 2009, “Ed Dilla” won 3rd place in a battle contest sponsored by Power 105.9. Around the same time, “Ed Dilla” met fellow artist “Bob Logic” while performing at several shows together.

Jay Lara picked up his first guitar when he was 13 years old. Growing up with different musical influences he felt like there were no boundaries. He formed his first rock group when he was 20 years old. Remembering all the music that he was inspired by, he decided to expand his vision and formed the label Natural Recordings.

Jay met “Ed Dilla” when Ed was only 17, which eventually led up to Jay recording “Ed Dilla” for his very first time. Their bond continued to grow and eventually “Ed Dilla” introduced Jay Lara to “Bob Logic”, to form the group known as “TYME SEEKERS”.


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