The Ghetto Glory Family represent that urban love vibe!

The Ghetto Glory Family represent that urban love vibe!

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ghetto-glory-family-200The Ghetto Glory Family creates music of all kinds, from Hip Hop, RnB to Pop and Gospel, with a strong passion for making good music that inspire a lot of people such as are fans, coworkers, family and friends .Coming straight out of north Philadelphia Ghetto Glory Family are identical twins and one younger brother who experienced some hard times while growing up. They say this has brought out the best in them. Giving them the opportunity to share their trials and tribulations with fans as well as keeping a smile on their faces and staying positive.

Ghetto Glory Family delivers far from your regular rap music but surprisingly in a very good way. They never disappoint. Their tracks are on point with the lyrics and beats that sizzle. They represent that urban love vibe, which comes through all their music. They sing, they rap and just have a damn good time doing it!

Ghetto Glory Family drop tracks with banging beats and cool lyrical flows, topped with super hooks. I don’t know how to explain it but their music definitely has an addictive edge to it. You can find these qualities on “Dont be walking up on me”, “Runaway”, “I Know You Do”, “All I Think About Is You” and “SHE GOT IT”.

ghetto-glory-family-250No one makes music like Ghetto Glory Family does. No one even comes remotely close to what they bring to the table. Its old school, its R&B, its party, its street, but its pop too! Their music is unique but very enjoyable. Basically these tracks kick rump, whatever you want to call this genre!

There is an unbelievable chemistry at work between the three brothers. There are no guest emcee appearances, no platinum hook singers, no extraneous weight, no wasted beats on GGF tracks, and their material ranges from non-preachy social insights, to clever braggadocio, and trunk system bangers. There is something for all types of listeners, blunt heads and fly ladies.The Ghetto Glory Family delivers great timeless hip-hop for all seasons!


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