The Real J Israel – “I Love You To Life” – bona fide sincerity that sparks straight-forward openness

The Real J Israel – “I Love You To Life” – bona fide sincerity that sparks straight-forward openness

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The Real J Israel has a way of making you take note of his range and this is especially evident on his latest single “I Love You To Life”, written for his wife Latisha. Using a subtle adult contemporary format, it is a profound declaration of love, intensely sung with bona fide sincerity that sparks straight-forward openness in his voice. The Real J Israel digs deep into his canvas of sweet seduction using sultry and smooth tones. “I Love You To Life” has the power to take away any pain you’ve felt in your love life – if at all. It’s so empowering when a man is open about love. That’s all a woman needs. No offence to Tyrese and Usher but this is the kind of song that makes both wish they had produced.

As much as this is the era of rejuvenated R&B, very few artistes are taking the risk of not having a rap feature or heavy hip hop influences in their tracks. The Real J Israel took the risk and stuck to the old school R&B vibes, and it sounds totally refreshing.

It proves to the naysayers that pure R&B is still a viable genre. “I Love You To Life” is a bona fide grown man’s track that is as vulnerable as it is sexy, as it is artistically mature. It’s The Real J Israel accessing his heart and baring his soul in a go for broke performance.

I love how the The Real J Israel has taken his time with the song. Every message is being heard. Every feeling is being felt.  You can tell quite quickly once you begin to indulge into “I Love You To Life” that The Real J Israel has matured. It’s honest, it’s powerful and most of all, it has a lot of soul.

You can really sense the deep and enormous heart the singer gives in this song. I cannot compliment it enough. It prompts us once again that The Real J Israel is trying to remind people what real R&B is. No one makes a track like this anymore.

If The Real J Israel was aiming for that instant classic love anthem, he’s certainly in the ballpark with this track. Whenever you’re talking about staying together, and doing whatever it takes to remain intact as a unit completely in love, you are definitely creating the type of music that needs to be celebrated. “I Love You To Life” is definitely proof that The Real J Israel has got some perspective to add to the conversation.

The Real J Israel’s only obstacle in finding success with this number, is the way industry is going – if a song isn’t talking about big booties, heavy partying, how much money the artist has, or isn’t accompanied by a video with half naked women twerking and money being thrown in the air, it does not achieve echo on the various popular media platforms. That is the saddest thing of all when you really think about the music industry today.

MORE ABOUT: A former preacher for more than 20 years, as well as a former indie gospel artist for 7 years, The Real J Israel no longer practices any religion. He wrote his first R&B songs at 19, before surrendering to his religion and turning to gospel music, ministering several days a week at church.

The death of his niece inspired him to get back into the studio to record a gospel song in her memory. This in turn, reignited his desire to be a professional artist, which finally led him away from religion. A father to 7 children, and a husband to his childhood sweetheart Latisha, whom he met when they were both 10 years old, The Real J Israel is now also a fully-fledged R&B artist.


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