The Silver Bayonets: “Fake” – from brisk verses to a stomping grandeur

The Silver Bayonets: “Fake” – from brisk verses to a stomping grandeur

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The Silver Bayonets’ essence remains. Sharp hooks, crushing riffs, locked-in grooves and Kabir Sheikh’s sneer dominates their soundscapes. Which leaves the band where exactly with their brand new single “Fake”? An ever-growing fanbase, and a free pass onto the rock n’ roll’s red carpet – without appearing remotely compromised. Quite frankly, this song is a beast! Kabir’s vocals are totally superior. And when he opens the track with the line “I’m alone you don’t care. Can you ever care too much?” you can predict that is going be quite a humdinger.

Not surprisingly the chorus is made of even higher voltage hooks that totally bend’s your ears with its intensity. As the merciless rule aptly indicates, you’re as good as your latest release, hence The Silver Bayonets deliver another tour-de-force rock ride that bursts with restless energy and their usual creativity.

“Fake” is rendered with admirable precision, retaining the attributes that have thus far made the outfit’s music such a precious commodity. There’s rock swagger on display which, along with hook-centric song craft, desert vibes and a dash of flamboyance, makes for a truly seductive sound both deeply ingrained in alt-rock legacies and relatively novel.

On top of that, Kabir Sheikh puts in his most enthralling vocal performance, making the transitions between his verse and chorus absolutely captivating. The track showcases The Silver Bayonets at their most immediate as it revolves around a robust arrangement that amazes with a unique symbiosis of dense riffs and tight rhythms.

“Fake” is utterly enchanting in its progression from brisk verses to a stomping grandeur of its chorus, while drummer Enzo Cuticchia takes a simple hard driving pattern and expands it into one manic jam, featuring irreverent rolls and cymbal crashes. In contrast, Ross Guy’s bass trades malicious for liberating, with his exquisite blend of throbbing and thumping lines.

As always Kabir’s guitar is up for the ride, coloring the band’s trademark style with gut-invoked crunch and cinematic splendor. His blissfully epic six-string overflows with a sinister spaghetti western atmosphere built around the action-filled soundscape and a dynamic rhythm.

Kabir Sheikh remains in the limelight throughout the song’s entire running time. His dominating presence only reaffirms his artistic independence. It strikes me as admirable that he refuses to look back, redefining the style of The Silver Bayonets with every new release, yet never moving away one single inch from the band’s core roots. With all its sonic diversity, consistency and precision, “Fake” is yet another impressive step in the right direction.

MORE ABOUT: The Silver Bayonets are a London-based indie-rock band formed in summer 2012 who fuse loud rock guitars with vocal harmonies and pop hooks to produce melodic, often anthemic, addictive power pop. Fronting the group on guitar and vocals is songwriter Kabir Sheikh, while bassist Ross Guy and drummer Enzo Cuticchia both add backing vocals. They have a modern DIY ethic, recording and releasing music through their own label, Header Records, and managing their own press campaigns and band promotion. The band’s latest album, “Braveface” was completed in January 2018 and includes the single, “Fake”. The album is set for official release on the 13th of April 2018.


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