The Story Behind Rayne Michael’s “Lil Boy Remix” Ft. Mizanari

The Story Behind Rayne Michael’s “Lil Boy Remix” Ft. Mizanari

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Lil’ Boy was actually a song originally released on my debut album “Dare To Dream” composed by Topher Williams, and written by me. It’s a song that was always pretty personal to me, because I used to be what is now considered a bit of a “fuckboy”. I think all guys and girls go through that hoe-y stage in life (and some never stop), but reflecting on it, I never realized how empty it all was until I was older. To say the song was written during the darkest period of my life would be a bit of an understatement. In 2008, in a pit of depression and loneliness, shortly after I wrote this song, I attempted to commit suicide. I think it’s important to tell people that because, I look back on where I was 10 years ago, versus now, and am so grateful to be thriving and living life.

Mizanari came into the picture only recently via He had reviewed my song “Baby I See” Produced by PU Muuzik, and so I decided to checkout some of his stuff. I liked his overall sound, and was at the time considering a track from my previous album to remix and introduce a rap element into what was already an R&B/Hiphop influenced track. He loved the track and wanted to collab. I’m very excited to introduce Mizanari to my many supporters, and I hope to continue to work together in the future. He is definitely a very talented musician and rap artist.

He wrote his verse on the track and it all came together in a way I never really thought possible thanks to an amazing audio engineer who has worked on my last two releases by the name of Mottini Wilson. He in my opinion is a genius, and does an amazing job dealing with my perfectionism, and really appreciates me wanting to put out solid works of art. The cover art that legit turned out looking like a movie poster was designed by @beatscovers on instagram. Definitely checkout that insta for some amazing artwork. Lyric video was created by a gem I found on fiverr few months ago that has worked on my last two previous lyric videos. I recommend hiring them if you want an eye catching video that steps outside beyond the typical lyric videos. You can find them at this link!

I cannot thank all of the individuals I’ve just listed above enough and am grateful to be able to be living the life I want to live, putting out the music I want to make – Rayne Michael.







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