The Unstoppable Rise of Dane Louis: ‘Bad Guy’ is His Best Yet

The Unstoppable Rise of Dane Louis: ‘Bad Guy’ is His Best Yet

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Country-Rock artist Dane Louis has released his latest single “Bad Guy”. The track encapsulates the tension of trying to win somebody back with wicked guitar riffs and entrancing keys. Detailing a duel for his love, Dane becomes the “Bad Guy”.

Sending an electric current through red dirt, “Bad Guy ‘‘ radiates with country-rock. The track highlights the best of each genre unleashing a hypnotizing song into the world. Illustrating the yearning of a lost partner, Louis’ grit-filled voice echoes through the song.

With this energy, it’s no wonder Dane and the band have been performing the song on a regular basis. “This song has been a staple in our set for a few years,” Louis shares, “we finally got the right recording and guys on it to present it to you here in what the guys and I feel is the best embodiment of the song we’ve ever produced.”

“Bad Guy” is Louis’ second single this year, setting the stage for bigger and better in the future. You can listen to “Bad Guy” on all streaming platforms now!

To learn more about Louis, be sure to check out his website at and follow his socials.

Written by Stephanie D’Orso

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