The Upper Tunist to release self-titled new album!

The Upper Tunist to release self-titled new album!

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Jason Hunter is a driven producer, artist and musician with a stunning sonic vision. He makes music as “The Upper Tunist”, and he is about to release a solid brand new album by the same name. This project was a huge labor of love and passion for Jason, who spent a lot of time and all of his hard-earned money trying to produce the best possible music. His creativity went so far that he even invented his own, genre, MIXTAPE music!

With this cool genre idea, it’s really hard to predict exactly what the next song will sound like, because each track really has its very own thing going on! The result? A sound that feels honest, direct and spontaneous, with a lot to say and a powerful twist. The Upper Tunist has a lot of respect for his audience, and he wants to give them the absolute best of the best!

If you want to get this awesome new album in full, check out the artist’s official website!


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