TheWickerTwinz have been rocking the stages and entertaining the crowds!

TheWickerTwinz have been rocking the stages and entertaining the crowds!

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Since the age of 5, Solai and Yoni, better known as ‘TheWickerTwinz’ A.K.A “TWT’ ‘ have been rocking the stages and entertaining the crowds. Whether it was the 2010 Spice up The Runway, 2011-12 Fashion On The Lawn, 2012-14 Breast Cancer Awareness, Feed The Homeless events or the State Wide Annual Atlanta Health Fair, TWT have had their hands in the community doing service work and building their brand @thewickertwinz.

From modeling to dance and now working to becoming great artists, they recently released their third song and 2nd ever music video titled “Rite Now” which has over 400k views on Youtube. Their second song “OH YEAH ” Since release, has over 4M views on YouTube. TWT has also been interviewed while their song played on the legendary show “TOP 8 and 8” with Atlanta’s own DJ Greg Street of V-103. TWT’s main page @thewickertwinz has over 1.9M Instagram followers, 1.6M and 1.7M, respectively on their personal IG pages.

Also they manage a huge base of subscribers on Youtube with over 670K and 800k TikTok Subscribers come daily to view their music, self-produced hair videos and pranks. The hard work has led to many opportunities for TWT, such as in June 2019 being invited to the BET Experience and performing live on TV. They will not allow themselves to be labeled as one-dimensional. So whether it’s modeling, dancing, rapping, singing or acting, you can catch these talented young ladies doing their thing in front of millions of their fans and supporters!

You can also follow them @TheWickertwinz on most platforms.





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