Tripp Denom Drops Single “Bright Lights Fast Living” ft. K-Buck

Tripp Denom Drops Single “Bright Lights Fast Living” ft. K-Buck

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Tripp Denom or his alter ego Uncle TD is an artist. His talents include rapping, singing, producing and visual arts. With roots in the Deep South and residing in the SF Bay Area his music has influence from many different artists and producers to create a once in a lifetime sound.

His music is a natural blend of Hip-Hop and R&B with nodes of style from multiple genres. His tracks have a sense of longevity, the type of music that you can keep coming back to and it will mean something different every time.

Not only is Tripp Denom a name but also a Mantra. It represents that which brings a person joy in life. Whatever it is that makes you feel at home while you are doing it is Your Tripp Denom. Weather that be music, art, photography, dancing, or writing code you should embrace your Tripp Denom and let it guide your decisions.

Find Your Tripp Denom.

Tripp Denom is on radio rotation with the track “Bright Lights Fast Living” ft. K-Buck.


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