Vasilis Pittas – “Hold My Soul” ripens and unfurls with each passing minute

Vasilis Pittas – “Hold My Soul” ripens and unfurls with each passing minute

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Independent music composer Vasilis Pittas creates music scores that are perfectly crafted, emotive pieces of work. He highlights his talent in electronica with expertly crafted drum patterns, eloquent string sections, horns and synths. The single “Hold My Soul” is such a beautifully majestic composition that leaves the listener wishing the musical journey would last that little bit longer. The track ushers us into a rich cinematic soundscape with dulcet choir-like motifs. Weaving behind them is an atmospheric collage comprised of dynamic string intonations and momentum-pushing percussion snares.

Vasilis Pittas

It is a song both familiar and profound. There is nothing more satisfying than to hear a landscape of instrumental sound that sets the mood and tone, while allowing you to unravel your own storyline. Vasilis Pittas’ songs act as sonic narratives that let you ripen and unfurl them with each passing minute. “Hold My Soul” exemplifies Vasilis’ ability to sculpt enormous depth of sound allowing your mind to float in its various intricacies, shades, and colors.

Vasilis Pittas makes a theme of shifting between heavier moments and more contemplative ones on his records. And he is successful in binding the two and avoiding any discordant narrative. On the contrary “Hold My Soul” consistently sticks to a driving template that makes bold statements, leaving quieter reflection only for the final bars.

As with much of Vasilis Pittas’ work “Hold My Soul” is the result of a myriad of sounds, textures and techniques most of which are strung together expertly and imaginatively. This record will likely serve newer fans of Vasilis Pittas better than those that maintain a stronger fondness for his more dramatic work, like “Spartans” or “1821”, but his journey is a fascinating one, regardless of which of his sound aesthetics  you are more drawn to.

Here on “Hold My Soul” Vasilis feeds listeners a propulsive modern composition which still subtly maintains it epic proportions. It is another rich body of work with plenty to get excited about. “Hold My Soul” plays with your emotions in a way that befits instrumental music of this caliber, and is yet another fine offering from Vasilis Pittas.


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