Vibe with the inspiring teen artist JQuestt, on “Fallen Angel”

Vibe with the inspiring teen artist JQuestt, on “Fallen Angel”

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JQuestt is teenage artist – named Jonathan – from North Memphis, born to an African American mother and biracial father. He always had a love for music and his favorite artist was Michael Jackson when he was very young. He developed his talents from his parents, his mother was a dancer in high school and his father was a rapper.

This is where he got his rapping and dancing from, but he developed his singing from songs ranging from every culture and genre “From MJ to Bon Jovi, From The Beetles to Beasties, From Drake To Bob Marley.

Being a natural music lover lead JQuestt to make his own music, so he formed a home studio in 2017 and went on to make music at 16 yrs of age, to talk about serious topics but also funny and crazy topics with the world. His knowledge of GREAT music of all genres and natural TALENT would give him what he needed to execute his plan but his story is not finished yet.

Vibe with the inspiring teen, JQuestt, who is confronting his demons and doubts in the track, “Fallen Angel”, which is currently on radio rotation.


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