Wagner – “Freestyle Friday” clearly has confidence!

Wagner – “Freestyle Friday” clearly has confidence!

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There are many rappers who are good at rapping while they took their time to write lyrics and rhymes. But, there are some rappers who are the master in freestyle rap. They have their own swag and identity when it comes to freestyle rap. Listening to freestyle rap can be humbling. When an artist easily improvises on the spot, coming up with smooth lyrics and effortless rhymes that flow to the beat in real time, it makes you wonder what amazing things are going on in their heads. One rapper who is currently working his craft in both areas is Wagner, based out of Coventry, West Midlands (UK).

On his single, “West and South”, produced by Yung Pear, he gives us a taste of his classic rap style, while on “Freestyle Friday”, we get to savor his on-the-fly rhyming as he works on a new song.  An integral part of hip-hop culture, freestyle rap draws upon improvisation, spontaneity, rhythm, and rhyme to communicate lyrics and blend musical beats with language. Wagner pulls the whole thing of smoothly as he jumps on the beat and swings across the bars.


There are moments in music where everything lines up perfectly, where the pieces are all in place for something great to happen. It seems like that equation is close to succeeding on “Freestyle Friday”. The piano-driven beat knocks hard with a sturdy drum pattern underscoring the production, while Wagner attacks the rhythm with relentless verses and a few adlibs, to maintain the rhythmic momentum.

Wagner clearly has confidence, which is one of the important elements for any potential emcee. He is a rapper that understands his qualities and how to use his toolkit. He never equivocates, never compromises, and never aims for anything less than total transcendence. Wagner’s aim – according to his own claim – is to make a change to the music scene. He trusts his own charisma, along with his writing and rapping skills, to carry him.

There is no doubt that the dark atmospheric beat of “Freestyle Friday”, makes a perfect backdrop for Wagner’s resonating rhymes and smooth flow. By the time he totally fleshes out, and completes the song, maybe dropping it as an official single, it will have all the killer qualities necessary to draw listeners in.

Right now, in its raw state, it’s already banging with a vengeance. And regardless of what Wagner is currently saying over the top, it’s the sound of the beat and the flow of the rapper that captivates.

In some instances, Wagner is even better at storytelling and conveying what’s going on in his mind, than many of his peers. He proves it on “West and South”, where his rhymes are so vivid, they paint the pictures of what he is saying with such extreme clarity you can actually see the events unfold in your head.

The dude knows how to present a tight narrative through colorful characters and personal experience. He may just be starting out his recording career, but his bars already have the accuracy of a lyrical assassin.


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