Young Baltimore Artist YBD Lor Chino drops the single “Money Scheme”

Young Baltimore Artist YBD Lor Chino drops the single “Money Scheme”

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Deon Chino Smith-McKee Aka YBD Lor Chino is a young artist from Baltimore MD who is looking to showcase his talent to the world and build his way up in the music industry. That’s also more or less what he expresses in the track “Money Scheme”. Slick mainstream rap has always found its raw analog in the underground.

But in a time when over-the-top melodrama and conceptual narratives  dominate the airwaves, where even recent pioneers have smoothed out any rough edges, perhaps it’s no surprise that the new vanguard of rappers like YBD Lor Chino have once again upped the ante, offering new sounds, new flows, new moods, new everything.

While many of the new breed of rappers favor energy over intricacy, viscerality over logic and flow over lyricism, YBD Lor Chino is able to do both equally well.  Hence he falls into that group of rappers who are forging new paths, once again pushing the boundaries of what rap is, who it’s for and how it’s distributed.

YBD Lor Chino blends the simple hedonism of many of his contemporaries with his own candid realism. His delivery might be deceptively low-key, but his talent is anything but. His flow sets him apart from his peers. Now he’s just waiting on the right exposure.

YBD Lor Chino might be young, but he has the vision and scope of a seasoned veteran. His latest release, the surprisingly expansive “Money Scheme”, finds the Baltimore rapper at his most mature and reflective.

The rap game has always been fast-paced when it comes to minting new stars, and the pace is still accelerating. The path from anonymity to stardom has never been shorter, and YBD Lor Chino is an artist you should be paying attention to. If you’re not listening to him yet, now’s the time to start.


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