Young Millions Mantra: “I Gotta Go” produced by Gustavs Strazdins – a triumph of immaculate taste!

Young Millions Mantra: “I Gotta Go” produced by Gustavs Strazdins – a triumph of immaculate taste!

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Young Millions Mantra has dropped his single “I Gotta Go” produced by Gustavs Strazdins.  Throughout the track, Young Millions Mantra embodies the sweat-free cool of someone who has stolen the test and memorized the answers ahead of time. The track also sidesteps the usual pitfalls of current releases; there are no ill-fitting rapper feature cameos or last-cup leftovers beats.  Young Millions Mantra makes no cornball awkward attempts to prove his depth either. He just goes in hard on this emotionally raw track, with a preternaturally self-assuredness.

He delivers with the inevitable triumphalism of someone who can convince anybody to hand over their hard-earned blood money. As he says: “I can’t sit still, cause a nigga too impatient. Money don’t come to me, then I’m gonna chase it!”. Thematic and lyrical concerns are basically circumscribed to Young Millions Mantra being a pretty tough motherfucker on his grind.

To his credit, he doesn’t waste much time persecuting haters, preemptively working his hustle with lines like “Being broke is a state of mind, a land of no man”, or “When there’s money on the line, I gotta go”.

It’s not difficult to point out where exactly Young Millions Mantra excels. He’s a good rapper: he’s melodic, and he’s a walking hook. On top of that he has a strong voice and the ability to abruptly switch flow.

If anything “I Gotta Go” is also a triumph of immaculate taste. Mantra’s ear for beats is a worthy one. The cherry-picked stellar production by Gustavs Strazdins makes this something like a swag-rap generation sound.

But at the core of this track is the kid from Wisconsin, inflecting the song with hints of third-generation trap-rap patois. It shows he is willing to listen and soak up different styles and sounds – crucial elements for evolution. His fusion of these elements is unorthodox and exactly the sort of recording you’d expect to hear in modern rap.

By all intents and purposes, Young Millions Mantra did what could have been expected of him; he made a damn good record. Now all he needs to do is wait and see if he’ll get the clientele!


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