Yuki Ato Narayan – “Various Meaning in These Days” – a seductive suite of instrumentals

Yuki Ato Narayan – “Various Meaning in These Days” – a seductive suite of instrumentals

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Upon my first hearing of the album “Various Meaning in These Days” by Ambient, Chillout and Neo-Classical music composer Yuki Ato Narayan, I listened and immediately felt a sense of beauty, grace, and well, nostalgia. Yuki is producing real emotion by using sound in a completely immersive way. Her songs prompt investigation. They are everything at once – surreal, quiet, meditative, and at times simply hypnotic. Each song flows seamlessly, creating a quiet and foreboding sense of peace. It is like taking a walk in an unknown universe and slowly discovering all the sounds around you. In today’s modern world we never stop and listen. These pieces make you listen, analyze the sounds, and experience the moods they are creating.

“Various Meaning in These Days” is a seductive suite of instrumentals that gently flow upwards and outwards to beautifully introspective ends. Each song cradles your heart in diaphanous sheets of satin keys, and creamy washes of aqueous pads. The minute the album opens with the title track, the effect is spirit-lifting, gently morphing as it goes through various changes over the duration of each piece.

The listener won’t lose interest at any point, even though there are slow moving loops of soft floating ambient vapor permeating every piece, from “Blue Ocean Chronicles” to “One Order Two Things”, and “The Voice of the Valley”, the undercurrent of subtly sequenced, kaleidoscopic tonal coloration, mingles with each arrangement, and works as a very effective counterbalance.

“Alternative to Gold” is a meditative expanse with pristine timbres which shimmer through water-drop lenses. Yuki Ato Narayan once again proves to be an artist operating at the pinnacle of her art-form, driven by a passion and unbroken focus enhancing the emotive, soul-stirring depth of her music.

“Future in the Sky” is textural, gently propulsive, expressive, and transparent, while “Behind the Curtain of the World” ups the rhythmic ante by adding a flow of dominant percussion.

When experienced at a lower volume and left on repeat play, the transportive effect of “Echoes the Nature” is especially powerful and mind-altering. The subtle amorphous tapestries color a bright path surrounded by a hazy, moody horizon.

It’s easy to fall in love with Yuki Ato Narayan’s music, particularly when you’re looking for an escape from reality and the repressing constraints of conventional pop music to see you through the day.

Yuki’s finesse and polished clarity shines through on the slow undulating “Unaltered Strength”, captivating you with each listen. Perhaps the one essence of Yuki Ato Narayan’s music that makes it so engrossing, is her ability to create tones and timbres that your mind locks into, music that lingers on far after you’ve finished listening, and that truly indulges in pure unbridled existentialism.

The textures here are palpable and the overall effect is one of an organic world with electronic sounds, brought together into a shifting sonic sculpture that is, intentionally or not, attuned directly to the core of consciousness.

To me, Yuki Ato Narayan’s music is about arousing hidden feelings and emotions inside your own soul. Her music has a deep, ethereal, flowing sound that simply takes you away every time you listen to it.


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