Yung MOE: “NAMELESS” – The production is amazing, the rhymes are hot!

Yung MOE: “NAMELESS” – The production is amazing, the rhymes are hot!

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I’m not sure how to give an intro to a guy like Yung MOE. Considering I don’t know much about him other than the fact that he think he is a Texas rapper. Although many listeners may approach his latest mixtape, entitled NAMELESS, as yet another attempt from an underground or independent artist to strike it big in the independent ranks, solely for commercial success, this is definitely not the case with Yung MOE.

Yung-MOE-coverPerhaps the most noticeable, or prominent trait Yung MOE showcases throughout this mixtape is his ability to let his personality speak through his rhymes, and continuously flow about more than just cars and bling (a common misconception about southern artists). Yung MOE touches on a number of subjects, which pass through his everyday hustle and grind in Texas.

In addition to supreme production by Phresh, ItsGoodBeats, MacBassick and BluntedBeats, Yung MOE manages to stay true to form, by smoothly flowing on turned-up or slowed down beats. In addition, he features Deuc3XL as well as Paperboy Gee. Throughout the mixtape, Yung MOE manages to produce probable singles and club bangers such as, Life (prod. By ItsGoodBeats), Ft Deuc3XL – Grade A (Prod. By ItsGoodBeats), Ft Paperboy Gee – Ole Skool, Raw (Freestyle) and O.G.D. (Prod. BluntedBeats).

Yung MOE keeps the playing time around its maximum. No awful annoying skits that get on your nerves. Overall you can go through this whole mixtape with no skipping tracks. The production is amazing, the rhymes are hot, and most of all Yung MOE rips it. He has some producers doing more than one beat but they still sound different like when you hear a Swiss Beatz track you know he did it. Plus there’s a perfect blend of slow, crunk, and chill tracks which means you can just put this in and let the mixtape run.

Yung-MOE-logoTexas has definitely been making a name for itself with a variety artists coming up to the top. On this mixtape, I find that Yung MOE is starting to create a spot for himself among the best. He has the ability to spit ‘real talk’ and deliver it in a creative manner. I am not going to say that this mixtape has overall classic or platinum potential simply because he still needs to get those perfect banging beats coming in to back up his voice, but NAMELESS testifies that he is well on his way to finding that magic formula.

Yung MOE is one of those rappers that you listen to every minute and every second of the day. Unlike most rappers, he can flow from off the top of his head and it makes sense. If you have ever been through any kind of struggle NAMELESS is something you can feel and respect.


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