2anormal – “BTB Vol 2” – melodic, modern sounds and surgical lyricism

2anormal – “BTB Vol 2” – melodic, modern sounds and surgical lyricism

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2anormal (para-normal) was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. He has released 8 full albums, the last 5 being worldwide releases. 2anormal’s goal is to give hip hop fans an alternative to the rap music playing on mainstream radio. His slogan BTB (boycott the bullshit) which is gaining traction with fans, is also the title of his most recent album, entitled “BTB Vol 2”. The interesting thing is, that with this album, 2anormal has mastered the art of making his craft commercially accessible.

Backed by rustling keys, throbbing basslines and trap drums, the album takes a trip through 14 atmospheric tracks, where 2anormal emerges as a rising star. He is able to hold his own and outshine a lackluster industry using all the common hip-hop tropes. Only he does it a whole lot better.

Lyrically, the album is overflowing with a wide range of hard-hitting bars delivered in 2anormal’s clear resonating voice. So even when he’s spitting about pussy, he switches up his delivery enough to keep things fresh.

2anormal arguably has one of the best voices out of all his underground contemporaries. He also has the technical ability and personality to really sell the imagery he paints. Every word is delivered with this vigorous raw energy, or smooth soulful authenticity.

The latter style is how he opens the album on “Grow Up”.  This is a strong start. Punching us in the chest with his talent from the get-go. Featuring a melodic hook, this is an infectious track.

“Hit it Right” turns up the lyrical heat: “I like to bang bang with her legs on my shoulder. They always fall in love, but check I ain’t your Casanova.” I love the wordplay. Not necessarily what is being said but how he’s saying it. Packing these words into the flow is not an easy trick.

“Yin and Yang” has plenty of knock, and you’ll just want to bounce out your skin when the chorus comes in. Especially when 2anormal switches up his flow. “Pretty Girls (Overrated)” once again showcases how the rapper has found an infinite amount of ways to refresh and recycle recurring concepts into new ideas.

Daunting keys and a growling bassline launches “Golden”. 2anormal’s rap sound’s written. Lyrics that are delivered with thoughtfulness. The beat on “Everything” is fantastic. The keys. The drums. It’s a lively monster.

“Back on the Grind” is victory music, while “Yah Yah Yah” will have you nodding your head relentlessly. 2anormal is cut from the cloth of rappers who deliver strong, entertaining projects. Listening to this, there’s no denying his ability to build a great album.

Moreover, there are so many attention-grabbing beats here. From the Adrenaline rush of “Lebron James”, to the downtempo cinematic tunes like “Can’t Decide” and “That’s Mob”, the production quality stays sky high. In a genre often anchored by overblown showmanship, 2anormal excels at effective communication without saying more than necessary.

“Feeling Good” shows the rapper is dynamic in that his delivery is as important as what he says. His nuanced voice fortifies his presence; it commands your attention. It works wonders on a slow-burning song like “Successful”. At the other end of the spectrum, the power of his voice adds emphasis to every line of the urgent “Don’t Ever Call Me Nigga”.

With “BTB Vol 2”, 2anormal elevates the level of his artistry while creating resonating tunes. It’s a body of work that shows every side of the artist; the layers of such are all highlighted throughout the album’s track-list. Leaning into melodic, modern sounds and surgical lyricism, this album gives 2anormal another golden opportunity to firmly establish himself.

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