Gns Goldennick – “Money & Gucci” certainly makes a forceful impact

Gns Goldennick – “Money & Gucci” certainly makes a forceful impact

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Born and raised in Baltimore, Gns Goldennick raps on a variety of beats, from trap to hip hop, R&B and more. He represents his label Gns Goldennick / Gns Entertainment. For the most part Gns Goldennick raps about the tough environment he was brought into. “I reference ‘balling’ a lot, says the rapper, “because I was an athlete and it means to always put your best effort into what you do which is what I do with every song I write.” Gns Goldennick is currently promoting his single, “Money & Gucci”, featuring production by Supa Mario Beatz.

Trap music rarely gets the respect it deserves. The general lack of lyricism, causes trap to be looked down upon when compared to traditional hip-hop. In order to get any respect, a trap record needs to be very special. Gns Goldennick latest single “Money & Gucci” is not shy of being a special track.

Clearly Gns Goldennick wants to cement his spot in the industry, and he pulls out all of the stops with this project. Against all odds, the rapper manages to not only make the track listenable, but thoroughly enjoyable during its brief runtime.

Gns Goldennick certainly makes a forceful impact. The track serves nice warm synths, while loading the bass and the skittering hi-hats to knock it out of the park. “Money & Gucci” uses a stunningly sparse and thumping beat to showcase the rapper’s effortless ability to flow.

It also encapsulates Gns Goldennick prime ability to make music worthy of passionately head-nodding to. Supa Mario Beatz’s stellar production certainly helps in this regard, along with Gns Goldennick willingness to inject real energy into the track when needed.

Gns Goldennick has come out and hit hard with “Money & Gucci” and has indicated that he can be extremely focused and entertaining, which will no doubt lead him to grow his audience. If the artist came through with the intention of this single project to show how much he is worth as an artist, he has proven that, while also revealing absolute quality production.

It’s one thing to claim that you’re striving to be better; it’s another to have that truth come through in your music. There are many moments on “Money & Gucci” where Gns Goldennick convinces us that he will be diligently clawing his way into the conversation in the years to come.

Gns Goldennick already shows a level of self-awareness and composure that few other rappers in his position possess, distinguishing himself from fellow up-comers. One of the more impressive aspects of this track, is the rapper’s innate ability to create rhymes with a defined set of words while still making the music fluid. His flow is contagious, his wordplay slick and effortless.

Gns Goldennick music exists in the space between the past, the present, and the future. On that spectrum, he’s closer to the present. His raw talent, delivery, and hunger make this project easy to get into. “Money & Gucci” displays his determination to make a name for himself in a field of rappers with tons of notoriety and established fan bases.

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