Aboutmeemo – “Far Away” – delivered with courage and conviction

Aboutmeemo – “Far Away” – delivered with courage and conviction

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Mimmo Ripa aka Aboutmeemo is an independent Italian artist who lives in Ireland. Recently his song “Far Away” caught the attention of legendary English rock producer Stuart Epps – known for his successes with Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Twisted Sister, Brian May and many others. Stuart proposed a new arrangement and a fresh mix, while having Johnny Marter add drums, bass, and electric guitar. Epps then also sang backing vocals on the track and mixed it.

“Far Away” narrates the story of immigrant engaging a path outside of his comfort zone in an attempt to reach his goals. Aboutmeemo explains how a host country can sometimes be hostile ground for a foreigner. A strong believer in maintaining the culture of your origins, regardless of where you settle, he refuses to compromise his intrinsic values and peculiar personal traits. It is with this courage and conviction that he delivers “Far Away”.

A member of the Merf songwriters division of Nashville, Aboutmeemo is a modern day troubadour with an acoustic-driven alt-rock sound. His talent is blindingly obvious to anyone with the slightest taste in good singer-songwriter music.

We’re currently in the midst of a global human connection breakdown, and Aboutmeemo minces no words on this recording, offering his perspective to the suffering human soul who is forced to lose his roots and dignity when translocating.

Aboutmeemo is an amazingly gifted musician and composer, and once you bring in the organic orchestration, arrangement and mix that Stuart Epps weaves into this recording, the sonic elements become all the more ear-warming and impacting.

“Far Away” is supremely engaging, with its gently ascending melody and strummed indie-rock guitars going on for just long enough so that its captivating charms have no time to wear off. Everything has a luscious and busy sound, while the orchestral emotional shorthand is so very evident.

“Far Away” has a strong purpose and a real sense of focus, all of which feels properly fleshed out and fully realized. Aboutmeemo’s lyrics perfectly articulate his thoughts, while the restrained urgency and excitement are vividly conveyed by the simple emotional tenor of his vocals.

With this song Aboutmeemo raises the genre back up again, injecting it with generous amounts of nuance and energy. The artist’s craftsmanship for widescreen mid-tempo balladry, on “Far Away” – where he and Stuart Epps get everything right – shows he can be a formidable force.

This song is a statement of intent that promises and delivers much, and never outstays its welcome. Similarly, the poignant lyrics and storyline shows that Aboutmeemo has a way, with both wounded, and empowering words.

Guitar music is very much the order of the day on “Far Away”. It’s a return to a more organic approach to instrumentation, while the song itself represents a progression to the past splendor of acoustic driven music, reflecting many legendary influences and a sincere songwriting maturity.

An atmospheric, sincere and thoughtful mood compliments Aboutmeemo’s ability to relate human emotion without melodrama on the enchanting “Far Away”.


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