Aliché: “Exx” – blending today’s trendy deliveries, while hinting to vintage R&B storytelling

Aliché: “Exx” – blending today’s trendy deliveries, while hinting to vintage R&B storytelling

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Aliché fell in love with the R&B genre at a young age, and has always used music as a way to express herself and derive a deeper meaning from life. However it was not until 2015 that she began seriously to pursue a music career. This resulted in her debut album “Exx”, created in a home studio alongside producer Juan Donavan. The recording covers the relatable themes of love, pleasure, pain, loss and redemption. “Exx” continues the exceptional song-writing and stellar vocals which’ve become the hallmark for great R&B albums. In an era where R&B is currently suffering from multiple personality disorder – we’re auto-tuning one day, trappin’ the next – Aliché is the grounded force we need. The album as sultry as it’s catchy – with captivatingly infectious grooves that immediately seduce your ears. And when it comes to summer songs for lovers, she’s got that too.

The opening track, and fist single “Cleopatra”, is an early standout. It’s a great case study of an artist maintaining her style with the times and retaining artistic integrity. Aliché has no problem blending today’s trendy deliveries, while hinting to vintage R&B storytelling.

This wouldn’t sound out of place on any type of urban playlist, from any era. It’s classic sounding stuff. From the power ballads to the sultry singles to the playful odes to love lost and found, this album revisits many of the sounds that makes R&B what it is.

Who doesn’t like songs about love and lust? Aliché wants to conquer it, and take things to the next level on “How Do You Want It”, as he sings: “Cause I get him higher, than any desire”. This is clearly a young lady with confidence and determination.

The chorus on “Intertwine (feat. I Lov3 Mimi)” actually percolates with its successful harmonic iterations.  The intensity picks up, and reaches the high watermark post-bridge and verse. Speaking of the verse, Aliché sounds absolutely stunning as she asserts, “I’m gonna soak up, soak up, all of your energy.”

Aliché showcases incredible vocal control and a smooth melody on “Twinkies” while the production is sparkling and tasteful, and never overindulgent, leaving plenty of breathing room for the track to escalate into gentle euphoria.

On “Stop Hittin’ My Phone” expands her sensual body of work with a sassy vocal delivery. For Aliché, love is an obsession, constant and forever evolving, but she also knows exactly who she wants it from, and makes it clear on this track.

The infatuation of passionate lust becomes a kind of healthy obsession for Aliché on “Shirt Off (feat. I Lov3 Mimi)”, and you’ll find it hard to resist her sensual intonations which reach sublime eargasm. Genuine attraction is what Aliché finds to be one of the most exciting concerns of maintaining a relationship, so you need to get out of your comfort zone and give in to temptation on “Uncharted Territory”, where once more she is vocally irresistible.

The extremely emotional “Think of Me” serenades the woes of love. Through her eyes, we see what commitment means, how passion burns like an eternal fire, and how obsession evolves from loss.

It demonstrates the storytelling depth, vocal range and uniquely sweet, saucy flavor that will keep Aliché in demand and in the mix for years to come. Moreover, what she’s got in common with her more famous peers is the ability to sing with nuance. The very reason, why R&B and Soul fans will love her!


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