Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers: “Born in Bethlehem” – will get where it needs to and reach who it needs to!

Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers: “Born in Bethlehem” – will get where it needs to and reach who it needs to!

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Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers is a contemporary gospel and Christian group founded by songwriter, composer, producer and multi-instrument musician Anthony J. Nelson.  After going through a tough season of immense spiritual and emotional pain after the early home-going of both of his parents, the Holy Spirit gave Anthony a vision in January of 2013 to form an ensemble of talented musicians and vocalists who would be committed and passionate about serving the LORD.

anthony-nelson-overcomers-coverIn addition to Anthony, an ordained deacon,  the Overcomers is comprised of several anointed vocalists including close relatives Melini Redditt, Hollis Brown Redditt, Lynn Burnett, Minister Michael Burnett, Shalandra “Dee” Irvin, and Charles Frazier. Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers take the gospel world by storm and flip it upside down with their latest single, “Born in Bethlehem”. Hardly has an artist or group so masterfully combined the sounds of contemporary rhythm and blues and the message of traditional gospel in such a simple and straightforward way.

Let’s try an experiment. Take the music you listen to and give a copy of it to a hardened up heathen that has no interest in serving GOD and then give them the option of choosing between that or this track. Wait for it. Even if they take your music out of sheer niceness, go back a week later and see whether or not your music has started collecting dust yet. The world is made up of many different types of people. Great chance is that your music or means of ministering will never reach a certain majority and whether you like it or not, “Born in Bethlehem” will get where it needs to and reach who it needs to. It reached me!

The music is wonderful and varied – it catches your attention from the very first bar, with stirring female vocals, sweet harmonies and a determined mid-tempo beat. You’ll definitely notice it is something different from the everyday gospel music, but it is not at all short on Godly lyrics. Let’s face it, a great beat and good music moves you and that’s what this track is full of. For individuals of faith you’ll know that God is able to do all things, and when things are looking their worse that is when you need him the most. Sometimes you don’t know what to say, but thankfully He gives you just what you need at the right time. “Born in Bethlehem”, offers you the words you need in such a time as this, by “celebrating the birth and vicarious work of Jesus Christ”.


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