Artistmek – “Number One” will get your head to nod, stimulate your brain and fill up your spirit

Artistmek – “Number One” will get your head to nod, stimulate your brain and fill up your spirit

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Inspired by trailblazing artists like Kirk Franklin and Mary J. Blige, the Detroit native Artistmek has grown up with a will to earn her spot as one of the hottest up-and-coming emcees in the game. Technically sophisticated, and emotionally connected she strives to be a positive force among female emcees, laying down the gauntlet with her debut single “Number One”. Positivity is the conduit for Artistmek’s ideas of self, community and faith. With a delivery cut from the same cloth as legends before her, she’s a storyteller, and counterbalances her wisdom with a dry, God-inspired wit.

Artistmek’s elastic flow is mirrored by the shape-shifting production, which balances nostalgia with future-facing flourishes, as with the angelic backing vocals. The emcee’s latest effort, is an initial exclamation point in her recording journey. This passionate artist rises to seamlessly challenge the times with a song that puts God on the pedestal of our priorities.

In the process she puts all meaningless and derogatory distinctions focused on female emcees to bed, where they rightfully belong. Out of this conceptual demonstration emerges a role-model, a creative visionary, and one of the top positive female emcees in the game.

Artistmek informs as she entertains. While the industry often downplays the creative and technical accomplishments of women rappers, in exchange for less meaningful qualities, Artistmek rallies against the convention that sexuality always supersedes skills in the game.

She raps with dignity and grace, narrating tales of trials and tribulation, the will to overcome struggles, and her faith in God to achieve those goals. Beyond inspiring verses and clever wordplay, Artistmek treats her voice like an instrument that only she controls. She is an emcee, who can shape-shift her delivery as desired. It provides a dynamic artist with range and authenticity.

“Number One” is filled with faith-inducing concepts while proudly standing void of all gimmicks. The four minute listen is rich without feeling weighty, thoughtful without feeling cerebral.  While the current moment seemingly belongs to the big bootie, bad mouthed spitters, in truth the hot girl narrative in rap, only tells a part of the story.

That’s where artists like Artistmek step in, to paint a fuller fleshed-out picture of an often misrepresented demographic in hip-hop. Right along with that, the overwhelming power hidden beneath Artistmek’s energy in her flow sparks a positive approach, giving her brand plenty of space to grow in.

“Number One” strengthens Artistmek’s argument for an important place in the game, but aside from that, her relentless commitment to simply projecting a positive god-fearing image in rap, is crucial to the collective consciousness. In the wave of indifferent music that has dropped over the past few months, Artistmek will get your head to nod, stimulate your brain and fill up your spirit.

Before this release, Artistmek seemed like the common underground rapper constantly on her grind, waiting in the corner for her turn. Now, with the release of “Number One”, she stands in the center of the ring, under the spotlight, urging to lead the culture, to drive change, and raise her own high bar of excellence.


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