LyLirra collaborates with Famous Dex on his latest track “Melodies”

LyLirra collaborates with Famous Dex on his latest track “Melodies”

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LyLirra collaborates with Famous Dex on his latest track “Melodies”, Ly keeps pushing for his breakthrough in the music industry by releasing back to back hits. Nonstop flame! LyLirra resides in Canada, specifically Alberta, but he wasn’t born there. LyLirra was born in Ukraine in February of 2000. He’s been in Canada since 2012. Ly attended High School in Edmonton as well, which is where his passion for music soared. Ly was inspired by different artists he met. He was infatuated with the hype and the idea of performing live!

LyLirra realized his passion for music and decided to pursue a career in music when he watched artists from his school performing at a local party. Catching his eye and from there on he knew he was going to slowly began to gravitate towards fame.

Ly was nervous to release music at first but after a few songs he generated a local buzz, reminding him of his talent. He then started working harder and moving methodically, which only made him better and hungrier.

Since then LyLirra opened and performed alongside some big name artists in the industry. That list includes: YBN Nahmir, Roy Woods and Pressa.

LyLirra’s music reflects his ability to create a “vibe” in his music where listeners almost get a high listening to his music on repeat. His unique flows and sounds create absolute masterpieces.

Now his latest release he collaborates with Famous Dex. LyLirra is ready to compete with some major artists we have today. Keep an eye and ear closely to him as his waves will be shown in the remainder of 2020 and on. LyLirra’s here to stay.

Of his latest track, LyLirra says: “I really enjoyed making this song, I had 3 verses written and chose the best one, most definitely I was excited to drop it to see people’s reactions. It took me a while to match the vibe of the song.

“It feels really good to be on a song with a superstar, it shows me that yes I can do this and having my voice on a song with them tells me that I am as equally good. I feel like this song will really get heard and play a big part in my career.”

“I am currently working on an EP, which will have an artist from Atlanta in it. Also I have plans that include me getting on bigger shows in the future.”

“I have LyLirra clothing that I am working on, it will be coming up soon. As well as this is most likely not the last time I will be teaming up with the rich forever crew.”

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