BankrollShell – “Blitz’d Emotions” – full of infectious grooves and impressive narratives

BankrollShell – “Blitz’d Emotions” – full of infectious grooves and impressive narratives

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Born in Sasebo, Japan, and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Shelton R. Jackson III, aka BankrollShell started writing at the tender age of 8. He found comfort and solace in expressing himself through writing which lead to the pathway and birth of his debut single “Cross Roads” released January 2019. He followed up with “Cold Nights” (2019), “Trying” (2020), “MY Turn” (2020), “The Only Way Is Up From Here” (2020) and Smoke” ft. Ynvg Savo (2020). This led to the inevitable 10 track album, “Blitz’d Emotions” (July 2020) – full of infectious grooves and a whole list of impressive narratives.

“Blitz’d Emotions” takes BankrollShell’s unique blend of driven beats, hip-hop sharpness and R&B melodics, and matures it fully. The roster of tunes contains plenty of classic styled jams. Tracks like “Trying” and “Dreamz” include rambling 808 basslines coupled with tight hip-hop beats and nocturnal guitar tones. At the same time, the tracks also contain an assertive tone that is rarely found in records made by BankrollShell’s contemporaries.

The song “Healing” utilizes the main instrumental aspects of BankrollShell’s gentler piano-driven tunes, but is infused with an urgency and unforgiving melodic verses that at times make the track feel like a hard-hitting sing-song rap song. It also employs a wide range of vocal layers that add extra mellifluous dynamics to an already persistent groove.

A multifaceted talent capable of spitting vicious bars as much as crooning an R&B ballad, BankrollShell is very much a Renaissance man playing ball amongst the contemporary crossover urban crowd. “Golden Smile” allows the artist’s dual threat skills to thrive, as the song presents a tighter and more carefully constructed listen.

On this track, BankrollShell’s singing and rapping is sharper, inherently focused on detail and intent, without compromising BankrollShell’s naturally infectious vocal flair. Smooth and colorful grooves may indeed be BankrollShell’s calling card, but as expected, throughout the album he wears numerous artistic caps, especially that of a relevant rapper with an eager melodic flow. This is evident on “Cross Roads”.

In comparison, “Hardest Thing” ft. Yvng Savo, successfully pulls off that same compelling rap aesthetic and narrative, with BankrollShell maneuvering his way through the verses with slick lines. He is ably assisted by the well-crafted rhymes delivered by Yvng Savo.

This section of the album is made up of interesting and exciting instrumental choices, as BankrollShell’s rapid flows and cleverly assembled rhyme schemes make “Only Way Up” an admirable performance.

The instantly gripping rhythms and irresistible melodies on the rollercoaster tunes of “So Bankroll” and “Off da Top” will have fans thoroughly excited. BankrollShell isn’t afraid to mix it up as he combines elements from all corners of hip-hop and R&B to create a collage of sound that is a treat to listen to.

His music has authenticity and creativity, and most importantly, BankrollShell’s performance talent is a key chapter in his journey to crafting great albums. Overall, “Blitz’d Emotions” features solid production and excellent vocal performances, both on the singing and rapping fronts. There are enough good grooves and entertaining verses to encourage revisiting this album, again and again.

For More information on BankrollShell visit his website for updates on shows to come, new music releases and more. Follow BankrollShell on IG @BankrollSHELL, Facebook and Twitter

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