Cantered Soul – “Whopper View” celebrates the resilience and strength that we possess

Cantered Soul – “Whopper View” celebrates the resilience and strength that we possess

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Hailing from the windswept town of Swords, just outside Dublin, Cantered Soul is the Irish alternative rock band that is taking the music scene by storm. However, their success didn’t happen overnight; this band has been in the making for years. In fact, most of the members have known each other since their school days, and have been honing their musical chops in various bands ever since. It wasn’t until the COVID-19 lockdown hit though, that the stars aligned and Cantered Soul was born. With plenty of time on their hands, lead-singer Sean Buckley and banjo player Patrick O’Reilly recruited some old friends to join their ranks, including drummer Paul Moran, bass player Brian Donnelly, lead guitarist Kev McFarlane, and rhythm guitarist Stephen Gillan.

Artwork by Ryan Forsyth

And the result? Pure magic. Despite being together for just under two years, these six musicians have a chemistry that most bands can only dream of. Their music is a testament to their years of experience both on stage and in the recording studio, and their sound is one that is destined for greatness.

Their first release, “Red Door,” caught the attention of Irish Music Month on Classic Hits FM, and led to the band being shortlisted as part of 125 artists for A New Local Hero by Ireland’s independent 25 radio stations. Yet that was just the beginning. Their music video for “Falling from the Sky” was a big hit with audiences and fans.

Cantered Soul, however did not rest on their laurels. They’re always striving to push boundaries and create something new and exciting. And that’s exactly what they did with their latest release, “Whopper View.” The track is another wonderful piece of work, complete with an equally mesmerizing music video.

In a touching tribute, Cantered Soul dedicated this latest video release to the late Oliver (Olly) Munnelly, the father of their bass player Brian. Olly, who passed away recently, was also a musician.

Sean Buckley

The “Whopper View” video captures the breathtaking beauty of the Hill of Tara, a site that has held immense significance in Ireland for centuries. From the late Stone Age to the Iron Age, this hill has been a critical landmark, with all old Irish roads leading to its majestic presence.

It was during the Iron Age that the Hill of Tara truly came into its own, rising to supreme prominence as the seat of the high kings of Ireland. For centuries, this site served as the center of power and governance, a place where rulers were crowned and laws were made.

But the Hill of Tara’s significance goes beyond politics and power. Legend has it that even St. Patrick himself visited this sacred site in the fifth century to seek the High Kings’ permission to spread Christianity. The history of this site is as rich and complex as the landscape itself.

Patrick O’Reilly

The “Whopper View” video showcases the stunning beauty of the Hill of Tara, with its iconic features like the Lia Fáil, the great coronation stone that has been one of the four legendary treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann for centuries. This stone stands proudly on the monument known as An Forradh, a testament to the enduring power and majesty of this awe-inspiring site.

Lyrically, “Whopper View” is a song that speaks to the human experience, to our struggles and our triumphs. It acknowledges the darkness that can consume us, but it also celebrates the resilience and strength that we possess.

It is a powerful reminder that, even in the darkest of times, we have the power to find our own way and to soar. The chorus repeats the words “Whopper View,” a phrase that suggests a new perspective, a different way of looking at the world.

Artwork by Ryan Forsyth

The idea of clip-on wings is a powerful one, evoking the image of angels who are still able to fly despite their imperfections. The line “we’re all fucked up species smashed in time” is a raw and honest admission of the human condition, but the writers of the song refuse to give up hope. They hold onto the idea of freedom and the “Whopper way to fly.”

The performance by Cantered Soul, is exactly what you’d expect from a band of their experience and talent. Sean Buckley’s gritty vocals sits neatly in front of a steady, driving beat, and tight a musical arrangement, embellished by fiery guitars.

In just under two years, Cantered Soul has proven that they’re a force to be reckoned with in the Irish alternative rock scene. With a sound that is uniquely their own and a drive to create the best music possible, it’s no wonder they’re destined for greatness. Keep your eyes and ears on this band – they’re going places.

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Video Production by : Foresight Media Ireland –

Film Crew
Director – Ryan Forsyth
Cinematographer – Alan Dunne
First AC – Robert Madden

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Whopper View Lyrics –
Ain’t nobody in this asylum
Got their own mind
Were all patients
We wait in space and time

With our pens we ink our writing
Buy our own stamps
Send electric thoughts
To distant lands

Whopper view
Whopper view
It’s all in your head
It’s just a point of view.

Clip on wings
Coz were still angels
Whopper way to fly
Were all fucked up species
Smashed in time.

Just like eagles
We like freedom
Whopper way to fly
Hold on to your heads
Till we reply.

Whopper view
Whopper view
It’s all in your head
It’s just a point if view.

Clip on wings
Coz we’re still angels
Whopper way to fly
We’re all fucked up species
Smashed in time.

With our pens
We ink our writing
Whopper way to die
Hold on to your head
Till we reply,

Whopper view
It’s all in your head
It’s just a point of view.

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