CEO, Artist & Producer – OTIS set to drop “Too Much Smoke” (ft. Antonia Marquee) on May 8th

CEO, Artist & Producer – OTIS set to drop “Too Much Smoke” (ft. Antonia Marquee) on May 8th

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OTIS is an artist and producer as well the co-founder and CEO of the independent label CoolPpl Ent. They distribute and promote their own genre of music called Southern Hip Hop Blues, which features a lot of 808’s, good singing, live instruments, and lyrics that stick to your bone. They are following the formula of the Neo- Soul and Contemporary Blues genres and applying it to Hip Hop. You can check out their Spotify playlist called Southern Hip Hop Blues and also be on the lookout for the Southern Hip Hop Blues Vol. 1 Mix-tape hosted by DJ Ray G.

OTIS has a brand new single coming up, entitled “Too Much Smoke” (feat. Antonia Marquee), which drops on May 8th. The track is currently available for pre-sale on platforms such as GOOGLE PLAY, APPLE MUSIC and SPOTIFY.

Over the course of the track, OTIS lets the smooth and super-tight production guide him through the four and a half minutes. The artist’s free-flowing verses together with Antonia Marquee’s soulful hook, seamlessly melds reflective, confident lyricism with a laidback rhythm, for a smooth-yet-stalwart listen.

The chemistry between all concerned on this track, is cool and fluid, and there is enough depth and artistic variation to keep the music from sounding redundant or simply complimentary. The song stands as both a testament to OTIS’ technical excellence and the strong bond between soul, blues and Hip Hop.

Once “Too Much Smoke” (feat. Antonia Marquee) kicks off, immediately, top-tier voices, in both the rapping and singing, hint at impending star power. The deep voiced verses are impressive, and the hook melody is no less captivating. There is meticulous detail put into the entire track.

Overall, “Too Much Smoke” (feat. Antonia Marquee) reveals that the grind indeed pays off for artists who put in the work, and with continued focus and momentum, OTIS will certainly deliver more standout projects like this one, which will elevate his status into the more distinguished echelons of his craft.

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