All-In Moment create sounds that metalheads love!

All-In Moment create sounds that metalheads love!

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All-In Moment is a hard rock/independent metal band, based out of Staten Island, NY. The band members took their creative instincts and formed the band in 2016, perfecting the lyrics and sounds that are loved by metalheads from all over. After a quick lineup change, the band officially consists of the final four members; Chris Scott, David Cohen, Luke Lewis, and Daniel Luczak. Since their debut song, “Not That Far Away”, they have released their self-titled debut record in June of 2019 for their fans to enjoy as well as multiple lyric videos.

Inspired by legendary bands such as Metallica, Slayer, and The Beatles, All-In Moment strays from the normal content (drugs, sex, violence) that plagues the music industry today. Their unique take on challenges one might face in life is refreshing and relatable. When all four guys are fused together, all of these musical influences, with the overall philosophy of believing in yourself and being confident in the value of what you can bring to the table, you get the musical stylings of All-In Moment.

Photos by Cristine Trimarco


All-In Moment @ The Lucky 13 Saloon Brooklyn (November 1, 2019) from James Lane on Vimeo.


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