Chad Nathan – “Wins and Losses” ft. J.See – shifting rhythms and mood-inducing textures

Chad Nathan – “Wins and Losses” ft. J.See – shifting rhythms and mood-inducing textures

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Born and raised in Walterboro South Carolina, Chad Nathan took up music from an early age, often freestyling for friends and family. He later add production skills to credits. Chad has built up a strong media presence and thousands of streams. After a 3 year hiatus the artist returns to making music in 2021 with his first official production featuring talented Virginia artist J.See, for whom he has gone on to produce more tracks. Currently Chad Nathan is flying high with the track, “Wins and Losses” ft. J.See.

One of Chad Nathan greatest gifts as a producer is his incredible knack for coming up with brilliantly complex musical themes and then turning them into straightforward bangers that instantly grab your attention. This much was showcased on his ‘Just beats Volume 1’ collection.

Nathan’s grimy drums have that drunken, futuristic swing. His pianos shimmer and shine, while his basslines grumble and growl alongside the skittering hi-hats. The emphasis lying most often on shifting rhythms and mood-inducing textures.

But don’t take off after just this one aforementioned project. You should stick around and see the vivid pictures Chad Nathan skillfully paints for you as you make your way through the eloquent musical maze that is “Wins and Losses” ft. J.See. Beat-master Chad Nathan, throws us once again into a deep, spiraling crevasse of resonating basslines, ratcheting hi-hats and thumping kick-drums that are hard to refuse.

Throw on a Chad Nathan project, any of them, and what you’ll get is something head-and-shoulders above many of the things that his contemporaries have been releasing. There’s a distinct feeling you get while listening to his material that he’s awake, that he’s switched on, and that his five senses are all working together.

J.See is also part of this exciting, burgeoning modern hip hop scene, a fertile creative ground that’s synonymous with birthing rap superstars overnight. He isn’t quite the household just yet, but his star will undoubtedly be on the rise, as his rapping talents on “Wins and Losses” give the impression that his able to actually exist in that same space.

J.See has an impressive flow. He’s an emcee with one distinct voice that instantly captivates you on this track, as he uses mesmeric vocal nuances while switching his rhyme schemes up and down.

Together Chad Nathan and J.See gives us a remarkable experience brimming with emotion and technical joy. Whether it’s the soothing claps and fluttering notes or the slow-burning groove, “Wins and Losses” always has something captivating to offer. The fluctuating tempo ends up creating multiple moods in the song, with some moments coming off more lively and others more introspective.

The brilliant auras of sound and feeling swirl together to create moments of pure entertainment. “Wins and Losses” ft. J.See is an experience that invites listeners to come together and listen to what the music and narrative has to say. It’s not only an excellent achievement by Chad Nathan, on both emotional and technical levels, but also probably the most relatable and ear-warming work he has done thus far.


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