Chicago Techno Artist AFTR releasing EP entitled “MAY” on Wake Up! Music

Chicago Techno Artist AFTR releasing EP entitled “MAY” on Wake Up! Music

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The Video for the single, “Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)” will debut June, 19, 2020.

The Single “Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down”) will drop June 29, 2020. “MAY”, the EP, will release, July 15, 2020.

Wake Up! Music welcomes the summer with a Nu-release by Chicago Techno artist, AFTR.  In a switch of the usual release schedule, the video for the single “Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)” will premiere first, followed by the digital single and then the EP entitled “MAY”.  With a truly Chicago name, “Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)” is a techno-house masterpiece of the sights and sounds coming out of the great city.

Welcome in the underground these sounds then make their way from the dance floor to radio as it moves to your thoughts.  Featuring Chicago House Artist, Pepper Gomez, on vocals, AFTR’s “Humboldt Swagger” entices the listeners with house infused sounds that Pepper Gomez established for herself decades ago. Framed by a driving rhythm that will thrill the dancers and listeners alike, the lyrics are a double entendre, based on Pepper Gomez’ poetry, urging people to look deeper.

The groundbreaking video for “Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)” was created by ACRONYM and is an in your face creation of beauty zooming in on the newest additions to the Wake Up! Music Models – the Voluptuous Vixens.  As they dance to the sounds of the techno-house, they showcase that all sizes are beautiful. They also move us through the lyrics reminding us that we must also look deeper.  This combination is sexy and so needed in this world where the lines between real and illusion blur.  These ladies bring it and bring it hard.  You will be mesmerized and captivated by their beauty as they frame AFTR’s “Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)”.

Wake Up! Music wanted to create something with ACRONYM that would counter the endless messages reinforcing a one size fits all beauty which has resulted in most women feeling unhappy with some aspect of their bodies. Pepper Gomez says, “Don’t wait even one more day to love every bit of yourself.  When you love yourself, it is easy to love others!”

Quote from ACRONYM: “When presented with the opportunity to film a music video on body equality and self love at no matter the size, I was elated. Also, for clarification, I had to step in as a dancer last minute, which was scary for myself, starring and creating, but having these amazing women by my side, I felt like I could do anything.” – @acronymofficial, Director, Dancer/Model

Quote from Jose Goo AFTR“I wanted to show some love to my city and all the beautiful people in it – so while living in Humboldt Park, I wrote this song, “Humboldt Swagger”.

With AFTR keeping you dancing, the Models keeping you inspired and excited, it is clear that “Humboldt Swagger” will be another Chicago Nu-tune destined for greatness!  Dancers, DJs, EDM music lovers everywhere – get ready, summer is here and the AFTR party is where we all want to be!  AFTR and Wake Up! Music are ready.  Don’t be shy.  Let’s dance to the Nu-Music!



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