Colombian icon Carlos Vives presents Cumbiana featuring R&B artist Jessie Reyez

Colombian icon Carlos Vives presents Cumbiana featuring R&B artist Jessie Reyez

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Colombian icon Carlos Vives presents Cumbiana, with eclectic collaborations including “Hechicera” with R&B artist Jessie Reyez

Iconic Colombian and Grammy and Latin Grammy winning artist Carlos Vives has released his fourteenth album Cumbiana, his eclectic new material with a variety of different genres compiled into one diverse journey.

In Cumbiana, Vives collaborates with distinctive artists such as R&B singer Jessie Reyez, Spanish singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz, Jamaican musician and philanthropist Ziggy Marley, musician Elkin Robinson and Panamanian Salsa icon Ruben Blades. Vives’ aim to revisit the cumbia territories and great rivers to study its origin of the most popular music genres in Colombia such as vallenatos, cumbias and porros is clear in this new material that gives tribute to traditional music.

Cumbiana is music of heaven, water and earth. The track that stood out as fresh and captivating the most is “Hechicera” with bilingual R&B and pop artist Jessie Reyez. Both innovating artists are Colombian and unite together to showcase a new evolution for Vives’ musical range. According to a press release, Vives describes this song’s inspiration being a powerful woman full of magic, wisdom and mystery with a deep look.

He quotes in the press release, “That woman’s spirit becomes real with Jessie Reyez; she’s an ‘hechicera’ and you will feel it in the tone of her voice, which is equal to her look.” This on top of Reyez’s catchy lyrics gives their audience a taste of modern Colombian music with an upbeat pop track.

Cumbiana’s sonic journey will attract you from start to finish. It takes you through new and modern sounds that blend perfectly with percussion rhythms and ancestral melodies resulting in cultural diversity of this magical territory.

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