Danny Newport: “Tape Is So Good Make You Wanna Slap Yo Mama” has some truly creative moments!

Danny Newport: “Tape Is So Good Make You Wanna Slap Yo Mama” has some truly creative moments!

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Not only is Danny Newport different, original, not like everybody else in the business, he’s got quite a sense of humor. You will get to experience all that as well as his fast, hurricane-speed rhymes on “Tape Is So Good Make You Wanna Slap Yo Mama”. No matter whom you are, no matter your skin color, education, profession, etc., if you have lived on this earth for more than just a few years, you have undoubtedly had the experiences, and met some of the people Danny is talking about in the mixtape.

The thing I like the most about Danny Newport is that he stays consistent and he doesn’t change his style. He’s a one of a kind rapper with a flow like no one else and he’s probably the funniest and most clever rapper out now. You can already tell by the cover of the album what you’re going to get.

danny-newport-tape-backcoverDanny solidified his status by releasing a mixtape filled to the brim with hook laden would-be singles, dope beats and catchy rhymes. The first of the onslaught of singles produced by this album was “Party”, a song that still makes me turn up the stereo. But Danny doesn’t stop there. He hits us again and again with tracks like the infectious “Need Nikes” and “Mercedes Benz”. Danny hits every right chord with the power anthem “Fly Boy”, a song you can’t help but sing along with, but he drives all this home, with the jam “Tom Brady” and the brilliant “Shopping”.

Track after track, I couldn’t think of anything – versatility, lyrical complexity, voice tone, mic presence, personality and content, that Danny Newport was lacking. I particularly like the way that Danny raps, the way he pronounces every single word so that you don’t have to visit three lyrics websites to find out what the hell the song’s about. And if you listen closely, he even changes his rhyme schemes to match the music. And I’m not just talking about voice inflections or using more words to rap fast to a slower beat.

This mixtape shows that Danny is continuing to expand his reach, while his musical prowess remains potent as ever. Danny is at his best with not only catchy punch lines, but thoughtful, compound-syllable verses, that show he should be considered a heavyweight. The man has a workable concept and he adheres to it perfectly. There are some truly creative moments here, but probably the most memorable for me are “Mercedes Benz” and “Love Me”. Danny really flexes his verbal skills on these, and it shows.

Overall this is a great mixtape, a true sign of growth from an immensely talented artist. All I have to say is, if you’re thinking about getting this mixtape, don’t think, just go and download it now. All beats were produced by Danny Newport, with the help of Kapano “#imakehitz” West on four of them. In the dark hour of hip hop, “Tape Is So Good Make You Wanna Slap Yo Mama”, shines like the sun on steroids!


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