DAV!D&CLARA: “Melody” attains symmetry between bombast and finesse

DAV!D&CLARA: “Melody” attains symmetry between bombast and finesse

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Aesthetics lay dormant in their heydays all too often. Discussing a genre, it’s likely that one will refer to its origins (or rather its acclaimed hallmarks) but it feels as though we can, at times, zero in solely on the archetypes. That the fires seem to have slightly died down on industrial music is no question, but the torch is still being carried by forward-thinking eccentrics. The latest offering in DAV!D&CLARA’s series of original compositions is truly a trip to listen to. Elaborating upon his usual personal themes, DAV!D (David Castillo) and his trustworthy computer CLARA makes an even greater effort to intrigue listeners by submerging his emotionally knotted verses in a floridly mutant synth beat.

More infectiously narcotic than any of the genre’s household names, “Melody” lurches forth with a viscous synth bass that underpins much of his introspective lines:  “Found a melody to set me free. Beat pulsing within my veins. Taking me through the day and night, through visions and universes, altering my destiny. I was strung out, but I gave it up. You never give it up, just choose a new addiction, my choice is you. Melody.”

It begins stark, but once the squeaky synths wheezes its way into the mix, the void becomes filled with reflective peculiarity: a potent slab of electro-contortionism that reinforces the song’s immersive nature. DAV!D&CLARA have a great ear for the off-kilter, but they’re just as well equipped to construct an unfettered banger.

“Melody” is guided by a bounciness coupled with towering thuds and perfectly accentuated clamor, and even more impressive rhythmic dexterity, wherein DAV!D verses skitter over the synth in an overwhelming stride, and a hook later recites, “Oh fate, won’t you play with me today. Cause me to make something lasting, a masterpiece for the galaxies.” This plays as a thrilling counterpart to a fine-spun and unparalleled arrangement in context.

“Melody” is a clear-cut advancement, not a sequel to anything DAV!D&CLARA have done previously, or anything dwelling under the electronic umbrella today. Concisely bold, it attains symmetry between bombast and finesse.

Throbbing and fluttering, exploring and savoring its idiosyncratic textures – it’s harmonic and mesmeric all at once. Music can be a potent escape from the pressures and anxiety associated with the real world. But it can also be the exact opposite, acting as a mirror of society, reflecting its flaws.

Through his creative art, DAV!D&CLARA is doing both – at times melancholically confronting the indifferent, divisive times we live in, and at others finding uplifting harmony and inspirited melody running through his veins, as he does on this, his latest single. For a meticulously conceived and well-produced track, we give “Melody” a well-deserved 5 out of 5 stars.



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