Playa Panne – New rap artist from Memphis Tn!

Playa Panne – New rap artist from Memphis Tn!

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Playa Panne needs hot sexy models, female vocalists and assistant managers  asap! Send your profile directly to Playa Panne at Playa Panne personally reads and respond to these emails on a daily basis also send correspondence to to receive free gifts, music, t-shirts etc. Also text yes along with your pic directly to Playa Panne cell phone at 407-484-4686. Playa Panne hopes to hear back from you soon!

Playa Panne And Tha Stema Click Hot! New rap artist from Memphis Tn. Has set new standards for his music. Independent artist and engineer is now releasing new music from his new record deal. Was with Select-O-Hits now coming back with strategies.

This music engineer and artist is compared to other hot artist’s like 2 pac, Lil Wayne, P Diddy aka Puff Daddy, JZ, Yo Gotti, 36 Mafia and Master P. Former artist of Kamikazi, Killa Klan Kozi with Scan Man and Mc Mack out of Memphis Tn. Support his music with national distribution. You can find his music on Sound Cloud, Youtube, iTunes and other global retailers. Playa Panne says he’s going to change the game forever.

“Follow us on Spotify to hear the song that got us kicked off stage!”

“Hear the song that got us kicked off the stage!”

“Send Playa Panne A Facebook Friend Request NOW! To Chat With Him Directly And Get Hot New Music Off The Charts”

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