David Candelas: “Rancho Muerte” – nothing short of infectious

David Candelas: “Rancho Muerte” – nothing short of infectious

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David Candelas is an American/Mexican singer and songwriter. He is also known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Blood Roosters from Aguascalientes, Mexico. David dropped his first solo single “Jacket Song” in 2017 and has now followed that up in 2018 with his debut EP entitled “Rancho Muerte”. Fully produced and interpreted by David Candelas, the recording was also mixed and mastered by the artist himself, and as well as being launched via his own independent label Esquina Maldita Records. This is the kind of music that’s great to crank up on a stereo and listen through the whole thing.

There is the slower song (Rancho Muerte) the bluesy ones (Bobby Ice, Sin City Bandit), the rocker one (Rousey On Crack), and the indie one (Relevance of Rock). Its 5 tracks of David Candelas pushing his instruments to the limit.

Each song has noteworthy guitar playing, while the vocals are also impressive. The vocal harmonies are sweet and thick, and David’s cries are loud and full of soul. The enthusiasm he puts into the music makes it even better. The songwriting is way above the average.

The right chords are chosen and David doesn’t use excessive soloing, keeping the songs focused and just the right length. The album’s sound is a melting pot, but the guitar playing perfectly fits whichever style the song is in.

So while the song styles differ from track to track, one thing remains brilliantly constant. David Candelas’ guitar. And to be fully honest though, David adds imagination, grit, and tough grooves to everything he touches.

Exceptionally well produced, and well written, these songs result in being alluring, and in some cases the grooves are nothing short of infectious. And I’ thinking particularly of the all-round funky vibe on “Bobby Ice” and the captivating bass lines in “Sin City Bandit”. Both of these songs showcase magnificent musicianship and consistency.

“Relevance Of Rock” still maintains the intensity exhibited by the majority of the songs, but in more laid-back fashion. “Rancho Muerte” smartly kicks down the tempo and lifts up the intensity, following the thoughtful and more restrained acoustic guitars that stay tightly glued to the percussion.

Rewinding back to “Rousey On Crack”, you’ll finally discover that it’s a loose, incendiary stinger where riffs, vocals, hooks, and rhythms collide and then slip into place, stacking on top of one another. The funky guitar in this cut is to die for, and truth be told, David Candelas is creating a new kind of mainstream and indie crossover vibe here.

The ear-popping guitar riff is complemented by the crunchy rhythm section totally laying down the floor. It’s a track anyone can groove to, as the kick-ass vocals puts David left, right and center.

Ultimately, “Rancho Muerte” is an exceptional debut EP from David Candelas. Eclectic, consistent, and performed at an incredibly high level of musicianship, the Mexican American delivers some excellent adrenaline-infused crackle and grit. The recording shows great conception and the accompanying execution of that conception at its finest.



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