Easy Views – “Porta Da Chill” showcases the project’s talents for blunting sounds to perfection

Easy Views – “Porta Da Chill” showcases the project’s talents for blunting sounds to perfection

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Based in sunny California U.S.A Easy Views release their debut E.P. – “Porta Da Chill” on the Smokersblend Record label run by producer Dominic Owen (The Love Theme). They define their sound as “Sunshine Chill” with a laid back Boom Bap beat. “Porta Da Chill” is one of the smoother recordings this side of the new year, melding tuneful basslines with bright, positive keyboard vibes and slapping drums. It also showcases the project’s talents for blunting sounds to perfection.

This is a work of chillout energy, soulful seduction – and in the truest sense, a work of fusion. Easy Views tease the line between various forms and styles of music, revealing that line to be extremely thin and gray. Their exploration of these thin, gray boundaries is not only insightful but also artistically captivating.

The strength of this compilation of four explorations in the land of Boom Bap groove may best lie in its production. Although the music and creative work is presented in impeccable fashion, the level of production on this release is a reflection of current developments in the underground urban sound.

As the art form progresses into its next stage propelled by the creative talent of what to us are lesser known artists, the level of production is what differentiates 21st century music from that of the past. Easy Views have created a very clean sounding, multi-layered and multi-leveled controlled impingement of sound here.

With “Porta Da Chill”, Easy Views present a selection of tracks that serve as an instrumental lover’s paradise, showcasing the broad diversity of their influences and articulation of music. Always full of groove each track takes on a different character, sets a different tone, and explores a different ambience, though all connected by one musical theme.

Opener “1990” establishes a sultry groove, setting the perfect backdrop for the warm shimmering keys and horn interludes. All is spiced up by with little touches of hip-hop, a taste of R&B, and a spoon-full of jazz.

A bare and dusty snare beat provides a blunted downtempo backdrop for Easy Views canvas on the title track, “Porta Da Chill”, as they fill it with it sparkling motifs and a bassline that punches in and out like clockwork. The richness and warmth accentuated by the use of the keyboards on “Fresh Drip”, is a masterclass in production as Easy Views provide a swinging groove for the skittering hi-hats to effortlessly bed down on.

With a continued polished production and an even higher melody count, “Switching Lanes” closes the EP. The result is a sexy, lush, glowing piece of instrumental soul with a sticky drum beat, liquid electric piano motifs, uplifting progressions and gorgeous strings.

“Porta Da Chill” is an EP that doesn’t chase any current trends nor try to emulate what has come before, rather, they build and expand, on known genre aesthetics, bringing their own “Sunshine Chill” to the groove.

Who in the world enjoys having to drive home in an overabundance of traffic after having worked eight grueling hours during the day? No one does. In truth a discovery has just been made that will surely cure the tediousness of such a trip. That discovery is Easy Views.


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