EJ Brixx: “Jump! (Leap Of Faith)” – definitely shows what he’s got and does it with finesse and style!

EJ Brixx: “Jump! (Leap Of Faith)” – definitely shows what he’s got and does it with finesse and style!

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Elliott Brown, aka EJ Brixx, is a songwriter, producer and performer based out of Nashville, TN . A native of Washington, DC, living most of his life in Northern Virginia, he spent two years overseas living with his mother in South Korea, where they lived primarily in an Army base, where he picked up the vernacular that came from all corners of the United States.  Elliott’s knack for music started in his household at a young age, picking up the drums at age 2.

EJ-Brixx-300He got into rapping in the summer of 2011 when he moved back stateside from South Korea with his dad to Nashville and didn’t know anyone. He spent his days writing remixes to popular songs and recording them in Garageband on a used iMac that his dad bought, releasing them under the pseudonym EJ Brixx. A name he was given by his older brother before he left for Iraq.  Elliott writes and performs his own style of music, labeled “ADHD” which he describes as thoughts flowing directly from his head.

Who knows what really goes on in EJ Brixx’s mind? He is on a whole new level. He just blends different genders of music together, almost like he’s painting a picture. And after reading his bio, his latest track “Jump! (Leap Of Faith)”, produced by himself, is exactly what I expected – him being creative with his beats and his lyrics.

The beat on this track is amazing, simply put. It’s riding all the way through. EJ Brixx does a fairly nice job of singing too, he is not Luther Vandross or anything like that, but then he doesn’t have to be. His originality and eclectic alternative style more than makes up for that.

I think the music in this track is ahead of the game when compared with all of the other stuff being put out now. Music has gone downhill more and more over the past ten years and every once in a while we see some good creative music come out, which doesn’t lean on any genres or hide behind trendy styles to be appreciated. “Jump! (Leap Of Faith)” is definitely one of them. EJ Brixx definitely shows what he’s got and does it with finesse and style here, and it has his original and unique style of urban and pop or what he calls “ADHD”.

Running through his catalog you quickly realize that EJ Brixx is multi-talented and can do just about what he likes at will – he can sing, he can rap, and he can certainly produce. One of a few true artists, who can dominate different artistic roles and genres, ultimately creating a sound that, could be appreciated by anybody who loves music.


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