Eli Purks “Who You Should Know” will immediately shake you out of any sleepy haze

Eli Purks “Who You Should Know” will immediately shake you out of any sleepy haze

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Any fan of catchy, uncomplicated pop music should find something to enjoy in “Who You Should Know” by Eli Purks. The track maintains a smooth, mid-tempo urban style vibe reminiscent of a lot of mid-90’s pop music, sprinkled with other influences throughout. While straightforward enough to be commercially safe and not alienate or put off any segment of listeners, there is enough going on to keep it edgy, fresh and interesting in today’s market.

Eli’s vocal performance is virtually flawless and absolutely ecstatic, while the music shows youthfulness and maturity simultaneously. Purks is a fine young talent and I’m hoping that his future is long and prosperous. The guy has great potential and delivers some quality music. He did so with “Good As I’ve Ever Been” and now repeats himself with “Who You Should Know”.

Eli-Purks-WYSK-COVEREli Purks is that rare eclectic artist that is able to fuse genres together seamlessly until it comes out as straight pop for undaunted ears. His voice is as unique as his sound. Purk’s lyrical abilities are nothing short of sharp. Clever, introspective and raw, he never holds back from what he wants to say. It’s easy to pick-up the catchy song and driving beat, and not grasp the smartness that’s contained within the lyrics of the track – but do yourself a favor and listen.

I think an asset to this track is the personal nature of it. Purks writes, and sings his heart, and the passion and reality of it comes through the music in a truly magnificent way. Eli Purks completely meets all of my expectations with this release. I’ve listened to him in almost all of his previous stuff and this definitely does not fall short of those releases.

“Who You Should Know” brings a bit of knee slapping and foot stomping pop to the forefront along with a solid rhythm section and great harmonies in the chorus section. This will immediately shake you out of any sleepy haze and have you at full attention for the entire performance. To top it all, Eli Purks gives his all and has an engaging and refreshing presence.

More About: Residing in San Antonio, Eli Purks was raised under the influence of a supportive family who always encouraged his creative path to a career in music and performance. Music filled the Purks’ household on a daily basis, to the likes of Al Green, Parliament Funkadelic, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.


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