Magic Snail – “TRUST THE UNIVERSE” is infectious electronic music that is full of wonderful hooks, positive vibes

Magic Snail – “TRUST THE UNIVERSE” is infectious electronic music that is full of wonderful hooks, positive vibes

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Magic Snail is a music group with members from Italy and UK.  Active since 2014, it’s a creation of music producer/songwriter Alessandro Iacovaccio (“Mr.Bass”) and guitarist/songwriter Davide Nicolini “Nico D”. Other band members are lead singers Joe Stanley and Greta Magnani. The sound of Magic Snail is a mystic-futuristic dance-pop with world music elements. The band mission is to give an inspirational message to humanity through music.

magic-snail-coverMagic Snail’s 2015 release is the 4-track EP, “TRUST THE UNIVERSE”. This is infectious electronic music that is full of wonderful hooks, positive vibes and smiles. With 2 singers and plenty of adlibs and harmony in the songs, these tracks will be stuck in your head and want you to give the EP repeated listens.

Aside from being a really rocking album that will keep you dancing in your chair, listening to this EP makes me feel like I’m listening to the next generation. There’s an attitude pervading “TRUST THE UNIVERSE” that writes off everything wrong with the world so it can focus on what it really cares about: having fun, making love, and doing what you want. It’s not a ‘screw you’ to the world; it’s a complete ignorance of any sort of negative neurosis.

This band’s positive energy is infectious. The vibrancy that they exude through their songs just overwhelms you, and you can’t help but clap your hands and smile. Though it’s winter in half of the world, these fantastic melodies would make perfect listening while driving around on sunny days up and down the coast. There’s not a single weak song on this EP – the whole thing sizzles and pops from start to finish. And Magic Snail sound like they’re having a blast performing this stuff.

magic-snail-energyEach song has its own sound and flow while still carrying the feel of a solid EP. Though each song has this infectious and upbeat happiness to it, they use that to shoulder some powerfully positive lyrical themes. This is clear on “Living in High Vibration”, “Woman is Energy”, Clean Your Mind” and “Faster Then Time”. This group has it all; original lyrics, a fusion of world music, funky rock, electro, pop, and probably the intellectual quotient that fills the missing link between lyrics and harmony.

Very little music makes me want to be a kid again. Magic Snail makes me hopeful, gets my old toes tapping and sends that little shiver through my tired bones and then I’m up and moving higher and lighter into the suddenly brighter day.  “TRUST THE UNIVERSE” is perhaps the most infectious, bright, warm album in recent years! They might be flying under the radar currently, but this band is something to behold. Their energy is palpable and their songs are highly addictive. A must hear for a music lover.


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