Enjoy one of the most mind-blowing new hip hop jams ever from Calicoe G

Enjoy one of the most mind-blowing new hip hop jams ever from Calicoe G

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Music is the universal language of the soul. It not only gives joy and peace to the listener but also motivates the individual to feel and act better. Only good music has the power to grant such amazing benefits to the listener; that is why all music lovers are on the look-out for only high quality music (hip hop most especially) from talented artists. Calicoe G is one of such outstanding talents and he is releasing a breath-taking hip hop track called “Band Dem Bandz” ft. Star Money.

MORE ABOUT: Calicoe G started writing and purchasing recording equipment by the age of 14, releasing his first album ‘N Trouble Now’ in 2005. He founded Cali Co. Productions in 2008 and began working with other up and coming artists while performing in locations such as Atlanta, Las Vegas and Hollywood. Calicoe G rose from hot new singles and mixtape appearances to a brand new album and upcoming performances throughout the Southwest, Calicoe G continues to spread across the hip hop spectrum, finding his way into homes around the globe through internet radio and distribution.

Calicoe G is one of the latest sensations to blow up the Southwestern music scene with an arsenal of mixtapes and his own burgeoning company, Cali Co. Productions. Calicoe G released a single “Re’D Up” featuring Grammy nominee Knoc-Turn’Al hitting the airwaves as well as readying his 3rd album ‘Reporting for Duty’ for release, this is his time to shine. He is a clear definition of talent, rhythm, hustle and swag all built together into one individual.

After releasing 2 full-length albums and 7 mixtapes, Calicoe G is back in the studio to put the finishing touches on his 3rd official release, reporting for Duty. Inspired by a difficult childhood and life growing up on the streets of Joliet, his rhymes are sculpted from truths and experiences many of us will never know.



Check Out http://Revernation.com/calicoeg

Calicoe G

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Star Money
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