Estella Kirk – “Eyes On You” – showcasing her journey through her faith!

Estella Kirk – “Eyes On You” – showcasing her journey through her faith!

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Inspired by currents events Estella Kirk’s first single “Shelter In The Storm” was a truly captivating journey combining bright revelations with a focus on the hope we have in the midst of uncertainty. She poured her heart out and left nothing to the imagination. On her new single, “Eyes On You”, Estella kicks off the track with an angelic, uplifting vocal, and sets the tone for what’s to come: “When I’m lost, when I’m scared, You’ll be by my side. When I call, You’ll be there through the darkest night. When I walk through the fire, know I won’t get burned.” A mixture of guitar-led, punchy pop-rock moments laced with soaring vocals, chilling high notes and a roller coaster of emotions, the song is a personal testimony of looking to Christ for hope even in the darkest of nights.

“Eyes On You helps me to remember to trust God and lean on Him,” said Estella. “I know that I won’t always have the answers, but I know God is going to lead me in the right direction. His timing is perfect even when I can’t see.” The Christian teen songstress has a powerful voice but knows when to show it off, nothing about this track is pretentious yet it’s an intricate masterclass displaying the level of sheer talent Estella Kirk possesses.

Estella emphasizes and iterates her emotional attachment to the project through endearing, and deeply personal memories which will have you singing along. “It’s hard to even fathom how different life would be. Without you here beside me. Without you holding me,” she sings. Her uncompromising conviction coming through loud and clear.

Whilst showing sheer precocious maturity and pouring her heart into a perfectly executed single showcasing her journey through her faith, Estella Kirk has been destined for fame since childhood.

From a young age, Estella pursued dreams of acting, performing, and singing in hopes of one day becoming the next pop star. However once she found God, Estella knew exactly who she was chasing that dream for. It was then that she began working with Kira Fontana of Kingdom Sound, and together they began writing her first songs.

What her Christian inspired music allowed her to do, was find a passion deeper inside of her that redirected her storytelling to be even more honest than she has been in the past. And now she’s able to deliver pop sounding anthems, giving you sweet harmonies and catchy melodies that interpolate her strong personal faith and the powerful songwriting, making her latest single, “Eyes On You”, a highly memorable piece of work.

The song is written in the first person, as Estella Kirk is talking to Him. This gives the listener access to what feels like an intimate conversation. Her powerful timbre and seemingly limitless range are on full display within this spacious arrangement.

She immediately nails some impressive runs and effortlessly reaches the high notes. Moreover, Estella Kirk uses her voice as an instrument to achieve the desired climactic effect alongside the swelling instrumentation. Hence it only makes sense for “Eyes On You” to pour out of the radio all summer long!


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