EsZ has made a triumphant return with “Away From Me”!

EsZ has made a triumphant return with “Away From Me”!

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Brooklyn-based hip hop artist EsZ (Erron’s Attic) continues his evolution, and luckily for us we get to reap the benefits. His latest track, “Away From Me”, again explores new territory and everything has taken a step up. As always, EsZ has a deft rapping style that switches up often enough within a song so that whenever you start to feel comfortable he brings something new lyrically. Everything just clicks right on this single. The production is hot; the lyrics are original and thought provoking.

EsZ’s hilarious references and punchlines are pure and easy-flowing, and always clever when he’s having fun. But his dramatic and emotional verses come across equally as effective.  EsZ just fits in so well with the sound it’s amazing. He has always fit in well with his beats. That’s one thing I love about him, plus he’s got his own style he doesn’t sound like anybody else or try to act like anybody else.

esz-afm-680Whether you’re a fan of EsZ’s rapid fire rhymes from some of his previous tracks or love his more polished lyrics, “Away From Me” will help in finding that medium, as it displays a bit of both. This track features that minimal innovative style of production more often used today, along with the fiery metaphors and witty phrases that make all EsZ’s releases extremely intelligent…even amidst any traces of foul language.

EsZ’s is quite possibly the only rapper who I have never heard a wack track from. Everything he puts out has some definite merit. Some tracks may be good, some are even better, but none so far have been bad. To put it simply, EsZ has made a triumphant return with “Away From Me” after last year’s acclaimed single, “Mia Nia”. He breaks all stereotypes set forth by hip-hop fans by straying from the boring and boastful ‘clubby’ raps that the mainstream genre is often associated with.

 The lyrics here are often spectacular, and also very consistent. For all of his crossover appeal, EsZ is able to do what very few other rappers can, and that is make a hot track that is both catchy and intelligible. Coincidentally this is not a commercial track. All in all, I think “Away From Me” is EsZ’s best work yet. Can’t wait for his next release!


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