Hanen Releases Knockout Video For The Song “Breathe

Hanen Releases Knockout Video For The Song “Breathe

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It’s never been easier for artists to stay independent. Of course you can get good music producers, good visual directors for videos, good rappers and good singers to feature on your track without a great budget, but you have to search the world over to find deals you can afford, or convince creatives to work with you. Texas born artist, now living in the LA area, Hanen, somehow got it all together on his latest track called “Breathe”. He sings soulfully and raps with an urban edge all by himself, backed by an atmospheric slow-burning, and ear-warming beat made by Kayts Productions that will send shivers down your spine.

Best of all, Hanen has achieved something the majority of his contemporaries, and even many of his peers, fail to achieve. He was able to match his soul-searching narrative to an equally stunning visual, thanks to Polish film director Wit Dziki.

HANEN “Breathe” from Wit Dziki on Vimeo.

The two casually met at a party while Dziki was visiting LA. They exchanged ideas and discussed making a video together, but without the actual certainty that Wit Dziki would come back one day, to do the shoot. Which is exactly what happened. Wit Dziki hopped on a plane and knocked on Hanen’s door, convinced the singer had a story that deserved to be illustrated visually. The result is “Breathe”, made with no real budget, but with an abundance of creativity, determination and ambition.

I have no doubt that this collaboration will spark accolades, because it finds Hanen at his rawest and most ravenous, while Wit Dziki is able to successfully translate the song’s sentiments cohesively.

Connect with Hanen an Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/philliethephill

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