J Mo – The “iAmjMo” Interview

J Mo – The “iAmjMo” Interview

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Up and coming rap artist J Mo has released his highly anticipated album “IAmJMo”. His mixtape is a reflective one. It’s a tale of his life and all of the decisions he use to make before he had a child. The mixtape addresses a life of pain, partying, alcoholism and contemplation of suicide. Now with a clear head, ambition, a support system and faith, J Mo is set to take the world by storm. Hip Hop Push Media recently sat down with J Mo to get into the mind of this talented artist and see what’s going on with his music and his future plans within the music industry.

How long have you been rapping and what inspired you to become an artist?

I have been writing and rapping for 7 years now. Always being attached to music inspired me. I have been playing the piano for 15 (off and on) years. When I received my Roland Fantom-G8, the wheels of my own music started to turn.

What Do You Think Separates You From Other Artists?

Patience… Everybody thinks overnight success is the best thing. Someone said somewhere “You want to be hot right now, then nothing later. Or you want work to get hot, and stay hot forever…” Something like that, basically can you be patient for your time to come and prove why you should last forever.

Who Are Your Favorite Artists and How Have They Impacted Your Life And Music?

  1. Big Sean
  2. J. Cole
  3. Kendrick Lamar
  4. Motown (any of them)

All the rappers named are new school. However they are influenced by early Hip-Hop. Their music isn’t just about money, cars, and clothes. They talk about their life, real life situations, or their journey to the top. These artist help me paint a picture with my music, from the instrumental to the final mastered track.

j-mo-400What Do You Think About The State Of Hip Hop Right Now?

Hip-Hop lives, you can’t be lazy, we as consumers have to look for it. No, it’s not played on the radio as it once was. However you can find a lot of real artist on the Internet. As a writer it’s hard to be accepted by radio stations. The reason being a lot of people are going after the same Future, or Migos [“Trap”] sound (Which is a great sound, but it’s becoming ordinary, not original). With this in mind, I have to find an instrumental that intertwines with early Hip-Hop and those “Trap” beats.

What Do You Think You Can Contribute To The Rap Game?

Dedication… I can say I will bring real music back (but I’m a realest). I can better what I can control, and that’s my music. I will bring greatness to every project I am a part of and dedication to all my work from producing, engineering, and performing.

Artist Typically Have A Short Career, What Measures Are You Taking To Have A Long And Successful One?

As an emerging artist I am a student to the game. So I have to take notes on my predecessors. Staying relevant with your fans and other consumers. Understanding the business side of music from royalties to copyrights. Music is one thing, but all the work behind one hit song is more work than a lot of people imagine.

Are You Looking To Get Signed Or Go The Independent Route? And Why?

I would love to stay independent. However, there are some places I would sign to them Roc Nation, G.O.O.D. Music, Interscope. I want to stay independent because I don’t have or want to be that middleman. Control is great to have, however the name of the record labels bring exposure.

What Project Do You Currently Have Our Or Working On Releasing? Any Tour Or Performance Dates Set Up As Yet?

iAmjMo: Deluxe [Mixtape] is being worked on until 4/24/2015 when I have it set to release. After that I’m going to plan to make my first album “Living Paradox”. No, I’m not on tour, showcases and performances are on the way. Info can be found on my websites or mailing list.

What’s The Meaning Behind The Title Of Your Album?

“iAmjMo” is pretty much self-explanatory. However, the story behind it is a tale of my life. I was young (I still am) and made careless mistakes. I was not worried about the consequences. After having a child, a grown addiction to the party life (drugs, & alcohol), and total disregard to family and religion, I fell into a deep depression. I even contemplated suicide. But with the help of God, family, and true friends this music arose.

Each song holds significant meaning for the time in my life before and after the climax to my change. When I changed, I started reminiscing why I had to reform in the first place. After that, I started worry about others, since I believe I was going to be okay. I hope you enjoy, comment, and like them. Feedback is appreciated. I want to thank everyone that supports what I am trying to do. The best is yet to come.

And Finally What Are Your Goals As An Artist, What Would You Like To Achieve In This Music Industry?

I want it all. Shooting for the stars and galaxies. One main goal I have is to be used on every source of media at once [radio,video, TV, computer, etc.]. I want to be recognized for all the hard work I put into my projects. Build my credibility up, Set myself and my family up for bigger and better things in life.

J Mo is definitely an artist to look out for. Be sure to purchase and download his new mixtape which can be found here:


Website: joshuarmonroe.wix.com/bookjmo

Social Media:




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