James Seville: “The Love” – an innovator of the new rap landscape

James Seville: “The Love” – an innovator of the new rap landscape

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The loss of his father was strong motivation for New Orleans-born rapper James Seville to pursue his music career. “I almost feel like I have to do it,” he says. “It’s almost like a fire in my heart now … if I’m not chasing this, I’m probably wasting my time.” James has been around a while now, dropping some very interesting projects and building his brand step by step.  His latest project, “The Seville Show” is something like a multi-season TV show; James will be dropping a new track every other week until the ‘season finale.’ The first season of the series kicked off in January with the premiere of the single “The Love”.  Currently James is at work on a third EP in this series, and once completed, he has stated that he will also finish his debut album which is set for an early 2019 release.

James Seville forms part of the innovators of the new rap landscape. He is like the Jason Mraz of hip-hop, as “The Love” brings cool positive vibes that is truly infectious. No shouting in your face, no braggadocio, just a smooth uplifting flow filled rhythm and melody. And when a rapper tells you: “Ain’t shit matter but the love”, you sit up and take note, because you know there’s something different happening here.

James Seville stands firmly on the side of positive as the lyrics and flow of this song are optimistic and confident. The music too certainly reflects this, as its clear and full sound is like a beam of light piercing through the hazy dark gloom the game’s been carrying around on its shoulder lately. These are two minutes of rap goodness where flow is the key word, because if there’s anything that “The Love” does, it flows.

If you listen to hip-hop long enough, you’ll eventually hear one of your favorite rappers pining for the glory days of hip hop or claiming hip-hop is dead. Sure, hip-hop isn’t what it used to be, but very few things are. Such is the case when dealing with cultures and societies made up of intelligent or not-so-intelligent beings, but I digress. In any case, it is probably safer to say that hip-hop is evolving more than dying.

And while some might not like the new direction hip-hop headed, there is always bound to be something new on the horizon, because the only thing constant is change. And talking about change, it’s important to note that “The Love” represents change. It is a fun alternative to the growing roster of gangsta clones that are pushed upon every media outlet.


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