Jona Da King – “Roots Of Love” EP can only rise to the top!

Jona Da King – “Roots Of Love” EP can only rise to the top!

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Jona Da King is a hip-hop artist from Toronto, Ontario, based in Edmonton, Alberta. Jona is set to release his EP “Roots Of Love” which is scheduled to drop September 30th 2020. The artist has an eclectic musical palette which is colored by Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, as well as Jazz and Rock tones. We checked out his prime tracks in anticipation of the EP, and if the goal of this release is to make a breakout statement that Jona Da King is getting seriously started, he’s succeeded, delivering some of the smoothest, most mellifluous urban sounds we’ve heard in music in the past few years.

The songs are rich in content and production value, while Jona Da King’s voice is an all-embracing blend of milk and honey. This underdog from the underground can only rise to the top as he pushes everyone out of the way. It is clear from the start that Jona’s confidence is sky high on his projects, as he effortlessly flips between vivid reflection and unapologetic flexing throughout several tracks.

“No Chance” slides in on shimmering guitar notes and a slow bang drum beat. Jona Da King keeps his voice silky and sultry as he flows over the bedroom-styled jam. This coupled with the atmospheric production help to make the whole listening experience creamy and effortless. Though still smooth, “Lucid” adds an understated urgency to its template, which Jona delivers in captivating breathless tones.

Jona Da King is able to blend multiple styles of music including R&B and trap-sounding hip-hop, which he amalgamates into his own personal twist on “She’s Mine”. Even though Jona may be better suited as a singer, his rapping is nothing to take lightly. On “Self-Titled”, he proves that he can hang with many of today’s new wave rappers.

On the booming 808 bassline backdrop of “China Town”, Jona Da King is totally in his element, as he showcases his sing-song tones. Proof that he is a competent trend-hopper and creates forward-thinking and melodically gripping music. Jona is able to take his skills and mold it into something captivating, throughout his songs. No doubt, he is a dual threat, balancing rhymes, and soulful crooning.

“Mona Lisa” (Atreous XO Remix), takes his aforementioned skills to the next level, proving that Jona Da King is a master of the smooth groove who can create appropriately chilling music as he croons over a nocturnal, guitar tinged beat. The song plays into his obvious strengths as a performer. Jona is an artist who is heavily aware of how you should rap or sing over beats, while adding an essence of his own.

One of the standout tracks, taken off the upcoming “Roots Of Love” EP, is without doubt, “Move Like That” (Atreous XO Remix). Uplifting, emotional, and energetic, the passion and openness are virtues of this track. It is full of warm timbres and a sparkling melody that emphasizes love, over dreamy riffs and spacey percussion. Jona Da King’s music makes a convincing case for popular appeal.

For those who want to get a deeper understanding of what this artist is about, I’d suggest listening to the upcoming “Roots Of Love” EP, as soon as it drops September 30th 2020.


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