Matthew McCreight – “Comfort Colors” –  incredibly endearing voice!

Matthew McCreight – “Comfort Colors” – incredibly endearing voice!

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Matthew McCreight is a 19 year old Indie/Alternative artist from Greenville, South Carolina. The bassist for Evan’s Dilemma, Mathew has been playing for about 5 years and has been in several local bands. On the 11th of September he released his solo EP “Comfort Colors”. The cover art for the EP, was created by Jordan McCreight, Matthew’s younger brother. This 6 track recording finds Matthew McCreight being both potent and introspective, yet expansive and flourishing. Opening with ‘Drifting Apart’, he lays the precedent for stadium sized tunes and emphatic lyrics, delivering a sound that is bursting at the seams with organic-styled instrumentation.

There are plenty of jangling guitar strums, slamming drums and warm washes of piano and synths, to support Matthew McCreight’s soaring vocal, which has a stunning range, and lots of power. Right from the start, these elements create the groundwork for an uplifting listening experience which is about to unfold on the record.

The one thing which this EP can claim as its defining feature is massive choruses. Nowhere is this more apparent than on ‘Drifting Apart’, harmonies and falsetto tones sweeping across the soundscape. ‘Cold’ is a slinkier affair during the verses, matching the epic chorus style with a sultrier vocal from Matthew. The atmospheric piano of the opening bars builds to a declarative beat, while pursuing a pop-rock edge.

Matthew McCreight’s songs are huge and heartrending at the same time. A perfect example of this is, “Don’t Give Up”. He voice is poignantly nuanced and emotional during the verses, before exploding into the heavens during the massive chorus. The track is weighty, but with deft, and nimble touches, which showcases Matthew’s elevated songwriting skills. He clearly feels confident within his musical identity.

“Fragile” is a slow burner with genuine emotional fire, and is probably Matthew McCreight’s most impressive vocal performance on the entire EP. As the track unfolds, you can tell it is going to be something special. Matthew’s voice draws you in, begging you to not only listen to the music, but pay attention to the lyrics from the outset.

Matthew’s ability to wrap words around a beat that leaves you helpless but to fall for his charm and swagger is a defining element of his skills. “My Arms” is another slinky, seductive ballad with ringing guitars, a steady slow-beating drum, and Matthew’s incredibly endearing voice, weaving the song’s narrative, in the most mesmerizing way possible.

“I’d Do Anything” sweeps in on a resonant piano and impassioned strings. Slow beating drums lead into a steady rush to the heart as Matthew belts out sentimental tones. His yearning vocal towards the song’s peak give it a sense of urgency that endows it with an almost cinematic quality.

You can sense how much work and love has gone into this record, the deeper you delve into it. Matthew McCreight has really thrown himself in headfirst and it comes out in the music. Artistically “Comfort Colors” is a triumph, and a real step forward for the artist’s solo career.

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